Phantom Archer Set released!


inb4 the set was already released and the wiki just fooled me

Patch X.31.7.0 [The Cursed Library] Notes

I must have it, for uh…reasons O-O

But ayy awesome, drop release when, Deca?


Finally time to pop my ~30 st chests (until Deca confirms archer set added)


most likely this weekend with the release of the cursed library and an event chest for it obviously


Welp another class gets access to speedy, really don’t like the class distinctions being blurred away so they can all do each other’s things, but it’s one of the more worthless abilities in the current meta anyway so whatever.

Edit: also laughing a bit at the stacked HP bonuses, what will that full set grant? And not sure how that themes with a ghost, having a giant amount of “health” :laughing: but hey it’ll ship more units that’s what’s important.

Edit2: announcement image from the main menu screen, damn that is going to be one annoying sprite:


Here’s the version I was working on that didn’t get finished in time. Big thanks to Trensient for making the base 16x16; I’ve just been animating it and changing some details


That background looks an awful lot like the cursed libary


Lol I forgot the quiver shot 20 stots


The armor is a chest plate of life for leather armor classes and it’s easier to obtain

Edit(the dps of the set is great and 235 health is massive the dps of the bow is great paired up with the dex increase I can see me using this set often and the def increases is even better a great all round set


The DPS of the set is great because the bow is essentially just a reskinned Void Bow. Not a fan of DECA selling LH whites in the Nexus personally


atleast you can flex the void bow


kinda disappointed the stats haven’t really changed, the bow is basically a void bow (which already does too much damage imo) and the full set grants the objective best defensive build for archer (+235 HP in total, the absolute highest is +240 HP but that comes with a mere 13 DEF instead of the ST’s 25. pretty sure 12 def is better than 5 HP). meaning that you get both extreme defense and extreme attack instead of having to pick one or the other. there’s no reason at all to ever wear anything else if you have this other than maybe a swapout quiver for paralyze. this was mentioned both in closed testing and on the public testing thread here when it was showcased with the ninja ST.



Surely you of all people would be able to have some pathway of communication to the devs…?


The quiver being not aim-able at all (fires centred on self like an EP & only 6 range) actually does feel like a big downside/situational, if you are used to inflicting things (slow/para/daze) on enemies with archer.
And the bow is also comparatively low range (5.6, =tiered dagger), so both things together does kinda take it quite far away from what bow classes usually play like, IMO.


attempts to bring this up were made. changes were not.


you guys know the set already drops right…

bow and armor drop from cursed library first boss and the other two pieces drop from davy jones


yeah but this thread was made 3 days ago before the dungeon release


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