Phantom Edge (Katana)


Phantom Edge


One utilizes a razor edge, suited for rending flesh and armor. The other presents a unique blade, allowing it to damage the soul.


  • Tier: UT
  • Shots: 2
  • Fame Bonus: 6%
  • Feed Power: 1100

Shot 1

  • Damage: 120 - 150
  • Projectile Speed: 15 tiles/second
  • Range: 4.5
  • Effect: Shots hit multiple targets
  • Rate of Fire: 100%

Shot 2

  • Damage: 160
  • Projectile Speed: 9 tiles/second
  • Range: 5
  • Effect: Shots hit multiple targets, Ignore defense of target
  • Rate of Fire: 25%


  • Shot 1

  • Shot 2

Shot Pattern


  • Shot 1 is Red
  • Shot 2 is Yellow

More info

  • There are two shots, one that moves in a line like that of a normal katana and one that moves in a strange bend around that line.
  • This would out damage the t13 katana only if you could hit the slow moving, curvy shot


hmm, this would be slightly unbalanced in places where ppl just sit in one place and huck projectiles at the boss, like pub ddocks


First of all, thanks for your feedback…

I see what you mean, I don’t want to change the values though because if I make the damage too similar to t13, there would be no point in using this katana over that, since this one would be obsolete due to the harder shot pattern. You could call it a niche, swap out weapon, good for certain scenarios. You can think of this as a kind of sword of the colossus, except the bonus damage compared to a t13 is by 10 while colo beats its t13 by over 30.

Well in all honesty, I just created this thread because I wanted to make a two katana sprite xD.


i feel that, the sprite does look pretty cool. It’s hard to squeeze two katanas in an 8x8 grid, nice job



Thank You! :smiley:

I will say it did take some work to fit those in there.


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