PhantomMod's Art Fiesta


Finally, the forum reawakens from its maintenance slumber! I should have some Realm art coming soon, but for now, here’s a Slushii fan-art cover~


zlushy flashbacks intensify



Oh no, no posts for 1.5 months, so sorry folks qwq Real life came in the way so I was kinda busy

I did say I was gonna post Realm art last time…sooo aight, here’s a random one in the meantime~

I still got a few more pieces up my sleeve that I’ll post periodically over the next few days, so yay :>


And here’s some stuff you’ve probably already seen from me, one way or the other~


More random doodles served~

Dedo does not like the rabbit ears apparently…


I have to be more consistent with the uploads if I wanna please the community, but the recent events have kind of distracted me big time haha . w." Welp, no use making empty promises with words, I gotta show it rather than tell it

Ah well, while more art’s in the works, have a little profile picture I did for Discord. After soloing numerous fungals, I kind of fell in love with the experience of the dungeon and the thrill of the hunt for the numerous UTs and STs to get, so that’s my inspiration for this piece



Disclaimer: NOT my art, but a birthday gift from one of my art inspirations! (Credit: CuteCatdoodles)

It’s my birthday today! ^ u^/

There’s probably more bday fanart coming from a few of my friends, will share them here if relevant hehe~ I just received this gift and it’s so adorable hbfhdb <3


Happy birthday!

totally not the 3rd time I’m saying this


fun fact: it’s also my brother’s bday today

happy birthday! very cute art


Happy Birthday!!!


happy birthday :sunglasses:


Congratulations. More parts of your body have now been replaced with new cells. Soon, you will be fully anew compared to the you from years past. And this process will repeat!


Thank y’all haha~ Here’s more bday fanart from another friendo!

Disclaimer: NOT my art, but another birthday gift from a good friend of mine~ (Credit: Hello-Rose-Arts)

I like how she also drew my mun on top of Ameonna, that’s a nice touch~ That cake looks delicious too <3 To the observant ones, this is indeed the same person who made the Ameonna Emojis I posted earlier in this art fiesta thread :>


A fanart gift for a random friend in another server I drew in a stream! I thought it’d be fitting considering birthdays usually have cakes, pastries and sweet things involved~




happy birthday!!!


:tada: Happy birthday! :tada: Hope you have a good day (:


Happy birthday


Thank you all, appreciated your wishes! <3

In case you haven’t seen, check out this RotMG animatic made by my friends as a bday gift, you won’t be disappointed! (hopefully)


I was disappointed by how short it was.