PhantomMod's Art Fiesta


Thank you all, appreciated your wishes! <3

In case you haven’t seen, check out this RotMG animatic made by my friends as a bday gift, you won’t be disappointed! (hopefully)


I was disappointed by how short it was.


You flatter them deeply <3

Disclaimer: NOT my art, but a birthday gift from one of my best friends (Credit: Minifoxminiarto)

Aaaand last of the birthday art coming along from one of my best friends~ He even drew my most obscure small OCs that I almost forgot about, it’s such a great memory to remember! <3

Gonna try to be more active here on out, gotta keep the RotMG fanart coming :>
or…I could get distracted by O3. Life be full of surprises



How it really be feeling, considering I clear my notifications daily. That’s the first time I’ve seen a double-digit notification overnight . w.

Love you back, @LuvFruits <3


I wanted to see everyone’s amazing art! :smiley:

Love you and your art too :heart:


Smol beans, tiny characters, and very squish~

These two are technically the same drawing, expressed differently. Admittedly I did not like the first version (cereal box mock) because I felt it was too cluttered, so I made a second version that looked cleaner and simpler. Long story short, my viewers said that they liked both and would prefer if I didn’t just choose one, so here’s both versions~ :>


Gotta have a little more action kick to my art habit sometimes, this is a fanart to someone who happens to love PvZ and guns, so he’s come up with the brilliant idea of combining the 2 together for his OCs~

To the observant ones, yes, I reused the background ;>


Do you have DeviantArt?


Yep I got one! You honestly won’t be missing much as most of what I upload there is what I upload here. Only things I don’t upload here are the gore practices I do with RotMG as that violates one of the forum rules here (Obscene Content)

This game may be a pixel game, but there’s so many different ways you could perish, that is is kind of interesting to illustrate being “sat on”, the fate of realmers dying in various dungeons, the victorious battles over Oryx’s minions, etc. It’s a great avenue to practice drawing a bit more edge and the darker themes of Realm~



Also I tried finding it but with no success. Dunno if DA blocks you from viewing obscene content if you’re not logged in…


do you have a kink for that?

The General Chat Thread

Some collab art incoming! We both decided to draw a stream viewer’s OC, Tricky, by taking turns sketching, doing the lineart, colouring and shading. Did this with Cutecat in yesterday’s art stream~

Sketching and Colouring by me
Lineart and Shading by Cutecat

Sketching and Colouring by Cutecat
Lineart and Shading by me

There’s also a character reference I did in the art stream as well, but that’s left to Wilhuff to upload when he wants to~ uwu







Some character fusion doodles I did with my viewers in a recent art stream. Fun fact! All the characters are randomly picked by an RNG Wheel Picker, to semi-ensure that I may potentially get some very out of whack and difficult characters to properly fuse with each other. I say this round wasn’t so bad, but there’s always round 2 in the next stream . w.


Seriously cool! The fusions just blend together so well, especially with the last two. Love your touch of humor too. :wink:

In any case, would you have the links for the original artworks chosen from the pinwheel and the fusions without the original characters in the background? I’d like to save them for personal use, but I’ll be sure to give credit.


Aww thanks! Yea the last 2 fusions are also my favourites, they blended very well together despite being completely random xD

Yep, I have the fusion pics themselves here, as well as the original artworks themselves here:

Fusions (No Ref)






Original Artworks









Some art done during last night’s stream! One’s a birthday gift to one of my friends featuring his Spiral Knights character being served a totally-not-deadly-or-murderous red velvet cupcake from Biscotti. The other’s a submission to an art chain in a friend’s discord server~




Fusions (No Ref)



Aaaand more fusion doodles from my previous stream, once again randomly picked using a RNG wheel picker~

On a side note, I realise I’m one of the last few standing artists for Wilhuff’s comic, being left with 2 final references before I work on the issues. I know that the overall amount of actual story content that has been pushed out is in rather disappointing numbers, I suppose I rather be the one taking that blame instead of Wilhuff cuz I haven’t been pushing out my references as fast as I could have.

Regardless though! I’ve already devised a schedule I’ll follow to help be consistent with the comic pages~ I’m already on a good track as I’ve been keeping my promise to my stream followers that I’ll host an art stream weekly, so it at least encourages me to continue working on art on a weekly basis instead of being distracted. Hopefully I don’t disappoint the community any further, I’ll try my best to give you guys the story you should’ve seen months ago~ Moddy_Happy%20small


Why do so many of your friends have flower characters? I haven’t seen this sort of thing before, or at least not this many of them


Lots of my friends were/are fans of Undertale, and so for most of them, the easiest way to make their own OC was to alter one of the simplest characters in the game, Flowey, to their own personal liking, hence the overwhelming amount of flower characters. Admittedly I wanted to start omitting some of them due to just how many there were, but I figured it wouldn’t really be fair considering I did ask for character submissions and I already said yes, so bam, lots of flower fusions~

Atm…there’s actually still a handful of flower characters. No one else has submitted any new character submissions, so I might have to start taking characters from other games, including this one, just to keep the series going~ x)