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Some character fusion doodles I did with my viewers in a recent art stream. Fun fact! All the characters are randomly picked by an RNG Wheel Picker, to semi-ensure that I may potentially get some very out of whack and difficult characters to properly fuse with each other. I say this round wasn’t so bad, but there’s always round 2 in the next stream . w.


Seriously cool! The fusions just blend together so well, especially with the last two. Love your touch of humor too. :wink:

In any case, would you have the links for the original artworks chosen from the pinwheel and the fusions without the original characters in the background? I’d like to save them for personal use, but I’ll be sure to give credit.


Aww thanks! Yea the last 2 fusions are also my favourites, they blended very well together despite being completely random xD

Yep, I have the fusion pics themselves here, as well as the original artworks themselves here:

Fusions (No Ref)






Original Artworks









Some art done during last night’s stream! One’s a birthday gift to one of my friends featuring his Spiral Knights character being served a totally-not-deadly-or-murderous red velvet cupcake from Biscotti. The other’s a submission to an art chain in a friend’s discord server~




Fusions (No Ref)



Aaaand more fusion doodles from my previous stream, once again randomly picked using a RNG wheel picker~

On a side note, I realise I’m one of the last few standing artists for Wilhuff’s comic, being left with 2 final references before I work on the issues. I know that the overall amount of actual story content that has been pushed out is in rather disappointing numbers, I suppose I rather be the one taking that blame instead of Wilhuff cuz I haven’t been pushing out my references as fast as I could have.

Regardless though! I’ve already devised a schedule I’ll follow to help be consistent with the comic pages~ I’m already on a good track as I’ve been keeping my promise to my stream followers that I’ll host an art stream weekly, so it at least encourages me to continue working on art on a weekly basis instead of being distracted. Hopefully I don’t disappoint the community any further, I’ll try my best to give you guys the story you should’ve seen months ago~ Moddy_Happy%20small


Why do so many of your friends have flower characters? I haven’t seen this sort of thing before, or at least not this many of them


Lots of my friends were/are fans of Undertale, and so for most of them, the easiest way to make their own OC was to alter one of the simplest characters in the game, Flowey, to their own personal liking, hence the overwhelming amount of flower characters. Admittedly I wanted to start omitting some of them due to just how many there were, but I figured it wouldn’t really be fair considering I did ask for character submissions and I already said yes, so bam, lots of flower fusions~

Atm…there’s actually still a handful of flower characters. No one else has submitted any new character submissions, so I might have to start taking characters from other games, including this one, just to keep the series going~ x)


It’s only been 3 days since the last wave of art fusions? Dang, thought an entire week had passed by. Either way, here’s more fusions! This time, we take it up a notch by mashing 3 characters into 1, making it a bit more challenging. Once again, all random choosings~





Fusions (No Ref)






No art fusions this time 'round. Instead, these are all art attacks to various people~ As a brief explanation to those who don’t know, I’m currently participating in the annual Art Fight - Sugar vs Spice event! Artists are split into 2 teams (this year is themed as Sugar and Spice), and the goal of the event is to create fan-art of characters belonging to artists of the opposing team, in order to earn points and to ultimately become the winning team after the month-long event. It’s all in good fun, the only thing that comes from winning is probably bragging rights in the end~

So yea, without further ado, my first 3 attacks~ . w.




I designed some simple art stream borders, as well as accompanying small animations to fit in the bottom right corner of each one!~ Each art border + animation follows a theme for that stream, so if I want to draw RotMG art, then my viewers will see the RotMG art stream border on display. Just a bit of customisation for presentation x)



One more art stream border, themed after Art Fusion this time!
There’s also a second art stream border, used for misc. art pieces! No animated icon yet though

For every stream I start, I like to do a little stream doodle before starting the stream, helps to warm me up a bit and also to announce my stream to some servers I’m in~ Here’s a compilation of 16 weekly stream doodles I’ve done so far . w.


Calling location, location is usw B L O B



wait hang on I need to create something real quick









Hey all, sorry for the extra long post. I just thought of sending in everything I have not posted here. I have to go somewhere, temporarily, and in the worst case scenario I might not return ever… and in the event that does happen…well…it was a privilege and experience drawing for you all and sharing the joy with you guys.

I don’t really want to talk about it at this point, I might break down, again… So either way, thank you all for your support and encouragement, stay safe and happy yea? Moddy_-w-%20small


Godspeed on whatever endeavors you may face. May your art be immortalized as long as the forums is around. And if you do return, we will all be here with open arms.
we’re not allowed to leave until The Realm is done, so take your time


I hope things get better for you! We’ll be here, waiting for your safe return! :heart:


Good luck with whatever lies ahead! Maybe this is just another adventure in the wonderful tale of PhantomMod.