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Actually I offered to pay


only siths deal in absolutes


That also depends, as much as I’d like to do it for a good handful amount of people…if, say, the entire Realmeye community suddenly wanted a card for each forum user, I’d be signing my own death warrant by continuing that far . w."


Update - Wilhuff has decided to transfer his card request to Mizumi, the next card will feature her character as follows:


Yea, I’ll allow that btw, if you manage to win a card request but want to pass it to someone else. You’ll still be able to win another for yourself, but the person who receives the card won’t


gimme gimme o.o


Hey once everybody gets their cards I want one too, but it seems like you’re getting a lot of requests, so if you can’t work me in then no worries at all. If you do decide to make me a card, (and it’s totally fine if you don’t, you obviously don’t have to, and I hope this isn’t rude to be asking you), then I would like my sin!

image image image image


Why is the dagger second?


Good question


Psshh, asking for character cards. The cool kids draw their own.



it’s me

the cube

here to bombard

your cards





Looks like someone spared her a drop of blood after all

Decided to revisit an old fusion doodle and made it into a Halloween pfp. Originally I thought of drawing a witch cosplay, but seeing as how quite a handful of people have chosen that character theme, I’ve decided to split away from the meta and redraw the old Ameonna Succubus fusion doodle a month back~

This is the SFW version for reference. The true version contains blood visuals, which isn’t posted here becaaaause trigger warning yea? uwu


not sure if most people remember/notice that players bleed when hit


Fun little fact regarding blood particles: there’s two barely-used attributes for monsters that influences their on-hit particles: one that gives them a chance to give “blood” particles on hit, instead of their sprite-based particles, and another that determines the blood color.

If you’re ever in the highlands, you may actually notice this with Centaur Hunters! They’ll sometimes give light-green particles on hit ^u^
/off-topic to distract myself from the e d g e


these are my abilities image


Disappointing. I have another ability and I maxed it a while ago. It’s called stupidity.


Sad but true… /s


what does defense stand for in this


I think your patience