PhantomMod's Art Fiesta


your defence


explanation above


Who said those stats didn’t mean irl stats?


Well I won’t go hi-jacking the thread
But @PhantomMod would be the Knight of art from their stats, I’d probably be the Paladin
the healing would be weekends and the damage boost would be slammed energy drinks


Pretty much yea, I could spend most of my day, sitting down in front of the computer doing nothing else other than drawing an art piece. Longest drawing period in one sitting was probably 14 hours, otherwise in the art streams I host, I usually spend nearly the full 6-8 hours just drawing without getting tired . w."

Good stats tho hehe, I like how you’ve incorporated the class’s abilities to irl circumstances xD

You appear to be missing a lot of confetti for that stats page >:l


so you take 1 damage less if i stab you with a sword? good to know, good to know.


Who said that 1 DEF negates 1 DMG? :wink:



little do they know


ur gonna have a bad time


Heyo! Sorry I’ve went silent haha, work caught up and priorities had to be shifted, but I’m glad to be back~ Here’s some stuff I did in the past week



And a little WIP teaser on the next piece!~ Hopefully I get to upload it by this week uwu



at last; we have been starving for good content

nah I love everyone. Welcome back!


Another stream header for the road~


And finally, the next character card has been done for @Mizumi as requested by @Wilhuff ! What an epic journey it’s been making it~ ^u^

+1 Card to the roster!

…you know the drill: First person of the 17 above (who hasn’t won a card yet) to message below with their character reference gets the next next card. I’m currently working on a character card for a guildie so yours will come after :>

edit: Oh yea, I forgot about this
One of my stream viewers wanted to try interpreting the 8x8 pixel character in his style, so ay, 2nd surprise~
(Art Credit: TURIsgu)




That looks absolutely stunning! Thank you Phantom <3


At 1st I was “Where’s Mizumi’s waki?” but then found out she’s wielding it @ left hand.

But who made the Fire Flower skin? I really want one RN ;(


You have one guess as to who made that skin.


Nervous Pepe face


Its pretty obvious I mean


Betting 5 Lives that Mizumi made the skin.