PhantomMod's Art Fiesta


epic detail.
like that little white bag in the corner


That’s a backstory idea that may or may not come to play in the future :3
…Terrarealm still on the agenda, kinda

Thanks! Surprised u zoomed in to see the tiny details I made for some buildings~

Aand I lied, soz, no final drawing before I headed away from home today sadly (lots of emotions running through internally prior, had to focus on prepping myself instead) I’ll be back on Nov 26 tho! Unlike last year I don’t really have any old throwback art to occasionally post here, but considering I left this thread to dust for 7 months, I’m sure a little fortnight absence would be fine~

See ya then!


Safe travels! Try to enjoy yourself, ok?


And I returned 2 days ago! (Nov 26) Being gone for 2 weeks tho, I realised I had other priorities to take care of and couldn’t exactly put sufficient effort into making my next piece. I’m gonna be heading away from home again for the week and will be back on Dec 3 (This Friday).

In the meantime, have these little WIP warmup doodle sketches~

(yea dw I’ll eventually finalise and polish them…)


The pally is so adorable, love yur art style :heart:


And that’s the first set of doodles done! (Zoom in recommended)

Tried to stay loyal to the refs for the most part. Equipments marked with red means they are not present at all in the doodle~

Yea I’ll be doing more, probably, if time was actually by my side



I swear that looked familiar


summoner is cute!!

I can’t rate any of the others because summoner is too cute. is she available?

(ok mystic is also kinda cute now that I’m thinking about it more)


Every Mystic skin is cute. It’s a secret talent!


Disclaimer: NOT my art, but from a fellow Steambirds Alliance and RotMG friend as an early Christmas gift (Credit: Shows / Tyii)

Never thought I’d ever witness Ameonna as a Padoru…but hey, it happened anyway! Thank you Shows for the little Christmas gift, just right to get in touch with the spirit of the holidays~ <3


Steambirds still exists?




“Time has been frozen long enough, and yet, you still aren’t ready with your thematic merchandise?”

“As what they have said, you do have to accept the future, would you not? Though the rules can be bent here, there are limits to what is logically possible…There are limits to our powers you have yet to see, feel and touch…”

“When will this reality, and the other one, begin to misalign, where you start becoming…not you, a separate entity from its maker. Would the story remain the same, would they finally find you? Is it-”

“-Alright I get it, it’s been weeks since Christmas has ended! I’ve been trying, and it’s been hard, especially with you constantly on my back this entire time. I just want to…get this done, then we can move onto the next chapter. The only way is forward, as you’ve always said right…?”

“…the show’s about to start. There are no agents, yes?”

“Scanners have been online throughout.” “It is just the supporters.”

“…Okies, it’s showtime then, 1 promo a day, and we should be covered for the rest of the week.”

For our first Christmas product coming to a Glamzellia near you, feast your eyes on the Swarming Nest Snowglobe! Utilising real royal jelly from one of the outskirt bee nests and state-of-the-art preservation processes, this snowglobe will enchant your homes with a delightful, sweet scent of honey and candies of the finest quality.

Each snowglobe comes with its own mini swarming bee drone animatronic nestled inside, ready to keep you company with 12 different voicelines and over 40 unique stunts and actions! All animatronics have been proudly sponsored by @Gusugoo’s Gorgeous Gammatronics Pte Ltd, so huge shoutout to them for making this possible!

Disclaimer: Animatronics have been fitted with self-defense technology AI to prevent any potential transgressors against the snowglove product. Please do not shatter the snowglobe or attempt to remove the animatronic for your safety. Thank you, and may Oryx bless you.


This message is endorsed by Gusugoo inc incorperated.


Coming up next is a Christmas gift card, featuring the one and only Trickster Idol Lily! Each card has been specially crafted and charmed with the same magic that gives life to the benevolent Puppet Master’s creations, allowing the illustrated form to re-enact Lily’s spectacular concert performances to full accuracy and detail!

A few extremely rare copies have been distributed to random Glamzellia outlets that have been autographed by the idol Lily herself! Autographs come with a special barcode, allowing permanent free entry to all future Lily’s Lavishing Entertainment Performances!

Disclaimer: All gift cards are to be soaked in holy water at least once every 72 hours to prevent potential murderous rampages and to keep the spirit confined at bay. For autographed copies, benefits only include entry to the concert venues and does not include free seating or F&B privileges. Thank you, and may Oryx bless you.

Redraw of an older reference



Missing a true companion whom you can truly always be around with you this holiday season? Look no further as we bring forth the ever-so-popular Black-Bag Chan Plush Toy and Festive Cookie Sprite Keychain from the latest hit Anime series: 私のクッキーの妖精の冒険!

Passionately tailored for fans of the series, Black-Bag Chan comes with a special smart-chat system that utilises AI-learning social capabilities to build and establish a good rapport, ensuring you are never lonely anywhere and any time. The perfect plush doll that caters to introverts and extroverts alike! Black-Bag Chan also comes with her own frost wand, the perfect tool to keep your drinks frosty or maintain your cool in the hot summer weather!

Black-Bag Chan isn’t complete without her own companion: The Cookie Sprite! Dressed appropriately for the holiday occasion, this festive cookie sprite comes as a permanent neon-light keychain, lighting your path with cheers and seasonal greetings. Brighten your world today with this epic package today!

Disclaimer: Black-Bag Chan may often get lonely, and is thus recommended to continuously engage in social conversation with her every 2 hours to prevent unforeseen circumstances. Festive Sprite keychain utilises a 24/7 soul siphon system to maintain its permanent neon-light status, as such, please disengage the keychain should you feel unwell. Thank you, and may Oryx bless you.

★Specially dedicated to Oxyarch, #1 Priest from Nov 29 2020 to Dec 11 2020


To conclude our festive cheer, how about a classic miniature fountain spirit fountain? Elegantly plucked from the mythical magic woods, these mini fountain spirits fancy nothing more than pure, unfiltered energy, and they seem very passionate about it! This glamorous fountain will most certainly light up even the dullest of homes with its soothing water streams and immense glow-in-the-dark effects. The perfect nightlight to usher in the new year of hope, glory and prosperity under Oryx’s rightful rule!

Disclaimer: There is-… no disclaimer, this is an entirely safe product! Come one and all, dip your bodies in our rich, lavishing waters, and join us for an eternity of peace and tranquility! Do not regret this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, seize the moment and become a [BIG SHOT]!


What’s the purple orb?


Y’know, I’m not sure myself, let me ponder about it…


aw fuck they gave me a shitty soul bearer reskin >8(