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Dark Elf Huntress (Alien Gear)
Oh no, I didn’t draw for so long that this thread actually got locked D: Art block sucks…
Welp, I guess to kick things off, here’s a drawing of my Huntress on Untaris~

Based off these equips:

Never really tried to merge equipment with the sprites themselves, so this is a first for me . w.
edit: Apparently the Area 51 Raid happened awhile ago, so ayy, perfect time for an alien-related artpiece


sees unique dyes I KNOW WHAT I MUST DO NOW
also awesome art always! I really love this one!!! the colors you used give a nice vibe, I know it’s supposed to be in a space-like area but most things portrayed like that arent very calming to me like this is XD also, the little alien is SOOO CUTE!! 1111/10


Eeee thank you! Glad you liked it! ^∇^b


not tryna dump on your other arts but this is the best one yet! (imo)


what do you use to draw? this is of critical importance to the stability of the universe and the continuation of existence as we know it


@Xaklor nm


Awwww thanks! Well, honestly you saying this is the best is a relief considering the time I last posted vs this latest drawing is, what, 6 months apart? I’ve been drawing other stuff, so I’m glad my improvement is showing ^w^

Paint Tool SAI, with a Wacom drawing tablet and a computer mouse.

Honestly I could do away with the mouse, but after drawing digitally with a mouse for almost 2 years, old habits die hard x)


Ayy look, that’s my illustration! :3

Christine is based off the Mini Queen Bee Huntress Skin, albeit modified~:


That drawing is epic. I’m more used to “traditional” drawing (pencil and paper), but looking at all the talented artists on the forums I realize I need to get into digital art as well so I can get past the limitations of the material plane. Anyway, what software do you use?


Thank you! Don’t worry, we all start somewhere, even I started my art life by doing traditional drawings and couldn’t really get used to drawing digitally, especially since back then I only had a computer mouse and MS Paint to work with.

Either ways, the only software I use is Paint Tool Sai for illustrating! I use Fire Alpaca to animate as well, but eh, I don’t think I’d be doing any Realm-related animations any time soon.


I see you’re the one to take the reins to design the backhalf arcs of the story. God speed to ya, and I know it gonna be lit :fire:


Awwww thanks, I appreciate it! ^-^


Oh hey, it’s another illustration of mine~

Meghan is based off the Shrine Priestess Skin:


Outfit 2 is business casual attire.

Outfit 3 is based on [spoilers].


Early disclaimer: This is NOT my art, but I want to show it here because I really love and appreciate it~

One of my art stream followers just sent me this piece of fanart yesterday. He said that it was supposed to be a birthday gift to me back in May, and that he commissioned another artist to draw my then-profile pic (which was a dark elf). However, they apparently got into a fight and he forgot about the gift until yesterday.

He doesn’t want to say out the artist’s name, which is really sad cuz, god, I love this piece so much and I’d really really want to meet and directly thank the person who made this for me. Sigh, ah well, the best I can do is post it here for the Realm community to enjoy. I don’t think she even knew that the character she was drawing came from RotMG haha~


so who would the insignia be out to?


still doin’ dis?


Oop, sorry, I didn’t quite understand, are u referring to the signature at the bottom-right of the drawing? If so, that’s my only hint on who the original artist is, someone whose initials are “E.D.A”

Technically yes, it will be posted in here: [ROTMG Comic] The Realm




So it’s almost 8 years since my first time wandering the realm. So many memories and feelings. Thanks, ROTM, I’m now 32yo with a family and kid. Lol time does fly so fast.
Here is a necromancer I’ve made in 2013 and posted on Wild Shadow’s old forums.