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One little experimental break drawing from Realm to test style changes, both are my friend’s OCs from Undertale! I’ve only drawn them once before back in 2019, amazing how time flies…

Original Drawing

aaaand you can expect another character reference and maybe a CNY thing provided I don’t get too distracted~ x wx


Oop, I lied, here’s one more drawing before you can expect what I mentioned before~ Drawing of another set of OCs from a different friend…with a little twist in that this is actually 2 images! . w.


Heya all, back again with the character reference!

Theodore Fore is perhaps one of the most complexly designed characters I’ve done so far, with a more modern theme to it: Military! I’m particularly proud of this one, it’s one of those drawings where I can really feel how much I’ve improved thus far~

Most of the instructions were handed over by Wilhuff himself, though specific design details were something I could let my creative juices flow~

Wilhuff along with a group of friends from several servers came to watch and helped to guide me along as I streamed the process on Twitch, giving feedback like changing the helmet shape and scrapping the baggy poncho for a more agile stealthy cloak instead.

Speaking of which, if you’d like to be notified of when I’m streaming (usually art stuff, I don’t think me beating a shatters solo or playing other games in general would be interesting at all), this is my Twitch channel! Don’t be shy, it’s a decently small group, more likely than not I’ll be able to chat with y’all without missing anyone out, for now at least…

Special thanks to Wilhuff for the commission paid for this reference, I’ve managed to upgrade my art software as a result, gonna do some messy doodles on it first to get the hang of it tho!

Disclaimer: NOT my art, but from a great friend who wanted to draw this for Christmas but due to school and work obligations it was delayed (Credit: 0ssevn)

Very first fanart of my Candy Warrior has been done by a friend! I really really love how dynamic and lively the piece is, do check out his other epic works over at his Tumblr blog!


Yes, I pay him if anyone was wondering.

I am looking forward to showcasing 2 final references before starting the comic, Heart of Darkness, followed with our upcoming release plan and schedule


A bunch of messy doodles with references to like 15-20 different other games/shows (of which half of them are probably too obscure to recognisde T wT) to warm up to Paint Tool SAI v2!

The program I’ve used before this was v1, albeit pirated. Figured I’d support the developer of SAI with the money I earned from the previous commission while getting a software upgrade, win-win for me! SAI 2 comes with a good boatload of new features that will certainly help my drawing process to become more convenient~


I recognize some of the others, but… Ori and Hollow Knight, let’s gooooooo!


Aw heck yea! I am playing Ori atm actually (Blind Forest), I’ll be finishing that then playing Will of the Wisps! Just hope I remember the controls after not playing the game just to finish the RotMG campaign…

I’m currently at this gorgeous mountain here. I’m definitely gonna remember this place when I eventually get around to drawing my first (or second, if you count the doodle) Ori fanart!:


Both Ori games were great! They were nothing in difficulty compared to some of what Hollow Knight had to offer, but the art for Ori is actually gorgeous, and they both told a cute story (if not a tad bitter-sweet). Tell me what you think after you beat the second game! I’ve heard plenty of HK feedback from others here, but not so much from Ori.

And I look forward to fan art ^^


Oh you know me too well haha;;

Also yep I’ll let y’know what I feel after beating the 2nd game! I just did a stream to finish up the first Ori game, and also 100% explore it since I was that close anyway~ Story was really amazingly told, but I can’t take my eyes away from just how gorgeous the atmosphere and adorable the characters are. If I were to make fanart, I’ll have to put in a justified amountof effort to make sure it really stands out, cuz Ori’s art be straight up inspiring >w<


I promise to end the rant here because it’s your art thread aaaah It’s probably the music that gets to me the most. Gareth Coker is a very talented music artist, and I’ve liked everything I’ve heard him do, whether it’s this, Minecraft, Halo, or other, lesser known titles!

I love art, but music is my artistic path of choice. I just look at stuff that people like you do and marvel x)


Ayy it’s aight, I don’t mind a few chats here and there! I mean if it was just me posting art and no one responds 100%, I’d also feel a little down in the gutter. Always happy to be able to converse with y’all <3

Indeed, my viewers were telling me all about his other musical works too, he’s quite the legend when it comes to music. Even saw the behind-the-scenes take on their music production, y’know it’s gonna be good if they hire a professional orchestra instead of trying to create their music solely on music software~ Music’s also something I really enjoy, except art’s still my artistic path of choice, still great that we enjoy both regardless! :>

(Also thanks to looking at those concept arts, I’ve managed to understand Ori’s design a bit more outside of what I doodled, which brings onto this next thing)

I’ve sent the same thing to one discord server so far, so just wanna see if anyone here wants to contribute to that voting system so far. When I do come around to making the Ori fanart, which of these 3 settings would you want to see me illustrate them in?

(1) Atop Sorrow’s Pass

(2) Lost Grove’s Paradise

(3) Thornfelt Swamp

    1. Atop Sorrow’s Pass
    1. Lost Grove’s Paradise
    1. Thornfelt Swamp

0 voters

Yea all three can make for a really complicated background but, thought of exploring outside my usual art style and going experimental~ o uob


I recognize a bunch of those but im not 100% sure on the bottom right one, I recognize the pose from a certain duck but she could have been referencing something else.


Thanke for the votes all, won’t tell you which BG ultimately won, you’ll see when I post the final piece instead~

While I work on that, decided to “finalise” (which I shall use that term loosely because I cannot make up my mind for nuts) Praline’s design!

(edit: Description slightly improved…I think, it was due to some feedback . w.)


Second set of guildie doodles coming in hot! (Zoom in recommended as always)

I think I have enough guildies for a 3rd set, that’ll come in the future, sometime… :3
Equipments marked with red means they are not present at all in the doodle.


Teaser content? Heck yea I got some!

Introducing a really small fun side project to explore capabilities, friend and I are teaming up to make a FNF mod featuring my RotMG OCs: Ameonna and Praline!

So it’ll just be one song (which was the main inspiration in starting this project), the song is composed by someone else so I’m currently seeking permission to use the song for the mod. In the case that the composer does not grant permission, we’ll fall back on Saracosa by Wangle Line~

Song will take place in Candyland, BF’s replaced by Ameonna, Praline will be the opponent, and Dedo and Puffball (The former two’s pets) will replace GF.

It’s a “simple” mod, as in, no fancy gimmicks or dialogue or cutscenes…though the song chosen is quite fast-paced so I’m sure it’ll provide some semblance of challenge. My friend will be charting the song and doing some of the code work, while I’ll be illustrating the spritesheet for all characters and the background, along with some code work as well. (Sorry Ori, give me a little while more <3)

Enjoy the teaser! It’s a somewhat complete skin but I’ll be working on it this week to make it smoother and whatnot~


Yep, I’m following up with another update just a day after posting!

So firstly, the song that I tried seeking permission for?
We got the official approval from the one and only S3RL himself!
We can actually use the fast action music after all! Even said it himself that he wants to see the finished product too!

And secondly, haven’t even finished half the mod and already received my first fanart of Praline! Art belongs to Gameonart1 on Twitter! <3

edit: And thirdly, since I just uploaded another video to showcase a change, I’ll just post it here. I’ve basically re-programmed the coordinates to make her less chaotic/jumpy, alongside re-animating her sprites to be a little smoother and more polished. This’ll be the last video I’m posting here to showcase Praline. If I upload another video, it’ll be to showcase Ameonna as well as the replacement sprites for GF (Dedo and Puffball) so stay tuned!


And back at it again with another update, this time I’ve decided that to add DJ S3RL into the mix as well, kinda like a little thanks/tribute to him allowing my friend and I to use his song in the mod~ :>

Look at my pets bounce!

(edit: More polished version)

I’ve also made custom arrows, and while it’s predictable what theme they’re going, I’m sure it’ll fit the aesthetic well!

With a good chunk of assets done, you bet that I gotta make a little mock-up prevew of how it would look like!

Friend is also aiming to finish the charting by tmrw, which is awfully fast considering I still have yet to do Ameonna’s sprites and the Candyland background as of yet!

edit: Video preview!


Quite a hefty amount of progress but I’m not gonna show everything, this will probably(?) be my final WIP update, the next post will probably be a new Realmeye post altogether showcasing v1 of the mod.

All of Ameonna’s animations have been done, including miss animations as well. The candy arrow note skin has also been implemented with all of the proper animations too! The icons have also been redone too, and a luascript or two have also been added that affect gameplay and presentation.

In other words? I’m just down with the background and I would essentially be done art-wise, then it’ll all come down to putting all the pieces together to make this a functioning, downloadable mod :>


lets go modi!


Hi all, it is with great pleasure to announce that the FNF mod has officially been completed after 1 month! The new forum post can be viewed here: Friday Night Funkin' x RotMG - Vs. Praline Mod [Feat. S3RL]

Honestly I couldn’t have gotten a better timing: Today’s also my birthday as well, I really wanted to get this out by today and I am so glad I’ve managed to do so!

This has been quite an amazing journey even though the mod just has one song. Again I’ve had like, absolutely 0 coding/programming knowledge when I started this fan project, which probably explains why I took a month to complete it, but it was really fun figuring and learning stuff along the way and applying it to something I hold passion and dedication to completing~

Thank y’all for the support with the WIPs I’ve been posting. This is just v1.0 as there’s a decent chance I may revisit it to optimise some of the code, art or even add the 1 or 2 mechanics I didn’t manage/decide to add in the end~ <3