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Happy birthday!


Been a while since I made a comic. Decided to test out an art style to use for them, that both looks good and doesn’t consume too much time on 2 somewhat obscure jokes.

It really ain’t impressive, demon

Let’s just call the discrepancy…“service tax”

edit: Forgot to slam a doodle dump I did right after the FNF project…speaking of which, the mod now has over 100 downloads and almost 1,000 views on the Gamebanana page!


ayo moddy, friend me on crk :o




You’re full D:


wow, master 2 in alliance :0

and double my wishes done, they are such a pain to do so i dont even bother most of the time lol, i suffer because of it though


Yup yup! I actually juse use 1 team because I’m extremely lazy when it comes to that gamemode. It’s a team my guildie made like 1-2 seasons ago and ever since then, we’ve been constantly using it to reach Masters without having to micromanage on teams. It reaches Wave 40 on its own before it crumbles to Pancake Cookie

edit: Also damn, your team throwing hands…my treasures aren’t as levelled as yours so it’s pretty tight in terms of power


Hm, well guess since the thread’s been bumped, I might as well post my next WIP!

Ah summer time…


Character Card - Seelpit

The collection continues growing! Yep, can’t forget about this series, it’s really fun to experiment around with new art tactics and explore new avenues.

This card was significantly harder cuz, well, I’ve never exactly had to draw a humanoid character without clothes, so there’s significantly less room for error when it comes to anatomy… but ey, glad it worked out in the end!

The next card is already in the works too so I guess look out for that soon :>


eeeeeee, I can’t forget to react here too! She still looks gorgeous, even in card form.
Something, something, Horny status effect.

Art Fight 2022 has started!
What better than to drop an ungodly nuke for my first attack?
After all, always wondered why people don’t use their strongest attack first…



edit: So one of the characters, Buppi, apparently had 2 different references, one with pink ears and the other with yellow ears. Cleared that up with my friend, but not before I whipped up this quick scribble


Disclaimer: NOT my art, but from a familiar artist friend who revenged me for an attack on Art Fight 2022 (Credit: CuteCatDoodles)

I’m squealing with delight aaaaaa ;A;


Art Fight 2022 is coming to an end, and with that, I bring you my haul of attacks I’ve done for this year~ <3

Also it’s scary how this is the same character I’ve drawn but with a 3 year gap… time does fly . -.



Hey look! That’s me! (5th image)


Do I dare post some cursed maid art? Of course…
Done as part of an internal joke in a discord server, drew some of my friends’ OCs in maid outfits . w.

Aight so, I wanted to post this a while back but I wasn’t quite settled on my decision, but now I am so I’ll just get straight to it.

I plan to post 2-3 more art pieces in this thread (these ones will be RotMG-related) before I close shop and move on to another community. I never expected my thread to be alive after a whopping 3 years, and looking back, it’s been an absolutely wonderful journey and I got to interact with so many fellow artists and relatively wholesome folks. The Realmeye forums were definitely a significantly toned down version of the Reddit community, something I greatly appreciated in my time here.

Unfortunately, my interest in Realm has waned over the past year or so, it might be burnout, but it feels different this time 'round…

But honestly the biggest reason I stuck around was because I was surrounded by many amazing companions, both for gaming and for art. That isn’t to say that the remaining people that have stuck around are neglectible, nah I still appreciate y’all so much for sticking by this far…

…It’s just that I recalled this category of the forums brimming with life and there was always something new to look forward to every day. But slowly over the years, they all left the community, 1 by 1, and now I find that I’m one of the only people here. What I’m trying to say is, I feel so…alone. I miss them all; Craftable, Campfires, Orsome, Squeakwee, Xaklor, Sataru, and the plethora of other artists that will make this list extend way too long.

All that being said, I’ll definitely cherish those amazing moments this community has blessed me with.
Thank y’all for being super welcoming and helping me grow as an artist. Idk when I’ll be done with those final pieces, but I definitely want to finish those before I leave~ <3


in my defense, my upload schedule has always been terrible. I am technically still here, but I agree that the forum is pretty hecking dead. I still don’t know why I’ve posted my last few drawings here, other than I just have no idea where else to do it. I have the same problem with my mafia signup threads.

anyway this isn’t an attempt to convince you to stay, it’s obvious there isn’t really anything left to stick around for. I don’t know if I will bother posting my next piece here either, assuming it gets done before the entropic heat death of the universe.


Hmm, was not exactly expecting to return here, but again, I did promise some pieces so I figured there’s no harm to posting these here. But first, some context!

I’m currently doing a self-imposed challenge where I draw fanart for a different game/show/series every day for 28 days! Every week will follow a theme, and every 7th day will have an extra polished art piece (may not follow the theme, I’m dedicating each 7th day to some of my favourite games)

Now with that context noted, here’s the piece I did for Day 14!


What about the rest? I suppose I’ll just post them here since I’ve bumped my thread (this will be a long one)

Week 1 - Modern Games

Day 1 - Undertale

Day 2 - Cult of the Lamb

Day 3 - Hades

Day 4 - Hollow Knight

Day 5 - Guardian Tales

Day 6 - Slime Rancher

Day 7 Extra Polished - Ori and the Blind Forest


Week 2 - Shows (Modern + Old)

Day 8 - The Owl House

Day 9 - Gravity Falls

Day 10 - Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Day 11 - Chowder

Day 12 - Animaniacs

Day 13 - Wallace & Gromit

Day 14 Extra Polished - Realm of the Mad God
[Please see 2 posts above]


Love all the artwork! I wasn’t expecting a comeback. Maybe I should make a concerted effort to see your drawings outside of the barren forums, though…

(I will admit that your Wallace is giving me One Punch Man vibes, even if I appreciate the acknowledgment of the show x) )