PhantomMod's Art Fiesta


I actually love this style.


I get this a lot when I tell my friends xD

But yea, I do stream from time to time. I’ve got a small following of 5-10 people who always come by and say hi or watch as I struggle at art hbdhdbhd

What’s my stream? Not gonna tell, I like my small audience and don’t get stage fright in front of them~ ^-^


What if Phantommod is secretly a famous streamer with thousands of views per stream and just doesn’t want to flex


It’s beautiful and unique, really love the art style! Old treasure from the Wildshadow days~

Pffff nah, I’m far from a thousand, not even 10% of that


Based on the grail warden skin, albeit dark grey

Man I suck at armour designs… . w.

I also drew The Order’s Insignia:



I’m in the middle of making a RotMG comic story and since I don’t have my own tablet, I’m stuck to drawing with a goddamn mouse. Here’s a piece:

DUDE. You’re making me look like a five-year-old kid drawing with 10-cent crayons.

but that aside, ur legit a legend. how do you even draw with a mouse


That piece still looks decent tho, good luck on the comic story, I’m sure it’ll turn out fine! ^-^

How do I draw with a mouse? Well, adaption I suppose. Back when I first started drawing, I had an ask on Tumblr saying I should try to draw digitally. And so I did whip up one MS Paint drawing with a mouse and told them “Hah no, I don’t think I will”. But then, idk why, but it drew (pun intended) me into the world of digital art. Started drawing a ton of MS Paint art despite mouse difficulties, even started on a comic once. I guess when you’re super passionate about something, you’ll try your very best to overcome the obstacles ahead :3

I actually sketch my pieces with my tablet, and outline it using a mouse and a vector tool, and colour using a mouse because I’ve grown accustomed to using it. Let me tell ya, being capable of wielding both devices helps get things done faster :stuck_out_tongue: The very last drawing I did entirely with a computer mouse was this. How much times have changed x)

I got my drawing tablet later that year as a Christmas present, and that’s when I did the switch~

I wonder if I’m allowed to upload other non-related RotMG pieces here… Would be nice to show u guys what other drawings I’ve made


My art is often non-related rotmg


Ooooh coolio, I’ll see when I wanna upload them~


Wow. I can definitely appreciate that you can draw so well using a mouse lol, that’s impressive.
makes me feel like a mere mortal with my finger being my only drawing tool


Also, your drawing doesnt look bad at all, on the contrary in fact, so don’t worry about it :+1:


have you seen my recent stuff?


I demand them. Now.


great cuz I lost my wacom pen after 2 years of not using it


Ah, yep I did haha, good stuff~ So I suppose that confirms I can post unrelated RotMG art ^-^

Ack, rip, best of luck using a mouse! Sketching with a mouse is a pain, but doing up the linework is easy if your art software has a vector tool :>

xwx Aight, if you insist!

Here’s a birthday drawing I did for a good friend of mine a few months back, featuring some of her OCs~


So, I sent my old laptop for servicing and battery replacement a few weeks ago. Before that, I salvaged every drawing I’ve done and saved it on my Google Drive for safekeeping. Scrolling through the files, I noticed 3 pieces I have never finished. These pieces were originally made about more than 6 months ago, and gosh they look really old.

I’ll likely not be revisiting them, some of these look too far gone to properly fix up, and I do not have the layer information for these pieces anymore. At least they serve as a semi-old memory~





Wooo, another character drawn! Let me tell you, that’s probably the most equipment I had drawn on any character so far. I mean, the steel fan gauntlets, the dual daggers, the forgotten crown, the dire instability prism, dang it took awhile to get it all right x)

Pfff yea I did try to draw you once, but I wasn’t really skilled enough to bring it out back then xwx"


Here’s some filler fanart for the game, Steambirds Alliance! The armoured elite noble, Commander Jinn, except instead of drawing him as the antropomorphic communist cat he is, I degraded him to a household, costume-dressing cat…

…I like how he’s Egyptian themed in the game, I’ve never tried drawing that before . w.


Disclaimer: NOT my art, but from my best friend’s aunt that I’d like to show here~ (Credit: Hello-Rose-Arts)

So, I’m in a close-friends Discord server, and there’s a thing where every person in the server gets 6-7 emojis of their personal character drawn by the owner~ My personal character has always been a blue slime with a green face, but I decided to use my huntress instead, and gosh I love how they did the expressions!! <3