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This, right here, is the face you see before you die.



Heheh she did that knowing I loved that meme back then


With all these little icons my friend made for me and adding a little reference to my old personal character, might as well show my own icons featuring this “blue slime” I did as a little inspiration and warm up x)

These are little icons I did for some of my applications on my desktop. It’s kind of fun doing these, gives you a sense of identity you can associate with your computer haha


I know what i’m gonna be doing real soon


Heck yea, let’s see what you whip up! :>


this is a really cool idea honestly. I’m not one for decking out my rig but I would of never thought of it. Always wondered why custom app icons were never big… :+1:


Hmm, don’t think I’ve mentioned it here, so time for a relevant intro story with some of my oldest art pieces~ I know it’s kind of long, but I’ve always wanted to tell it to someone else in the hopes of inspiring someone that it’s never too late to start a hobby.

I don’t want to clutter this thread too much with such a long post, so click on the dropdown arrows below if you want to read~

The Spark

I only started drawing back in Mid-2016, anything done before that was mainly a comic featuring 2 crudely drawn stickmen figures (Smartie and Dum Dum).
Earlier that year my dad bought Undertale for my birthday gift, and I loved the game. That didn’t actually spark my interest in art though, until I came across an Undertale Alternate Universe comic on Tumblr, “Underline AU”. I adored the art style so much, the 2 artists drew Asriel and Chara really well and adorable, and that was when I started trying to draw, under the aspiring goal of being able to draw cartoons as well as them.

First Steps

At first, I traced their art, but it didn’t spark a lot of accomplishing feeling in me, knowing I could never call the finished pieces my own. So I took to copying art pieces instead, but I didn’t blindly copy; Every stroke I made, I tried to understand what part of the drawing I was working on. Needless to say, it was effective in teaching me some fundamental stuff like anatomy and basic proportions. It wasn’t the best, but it worked! Eventually I didn’t copy, but referenced drawings instead, creating my first original pieces, and man that felt good~ This was my first original drawing, and I drew it for those artists as a piece of fanart.

Going Digital

By the end of 2016, one of my few Tumblr followers told me I should try drawing digitally. I told them that’s impossible, I only had a mouse and MS Paint on Windows XP. But just to show them I drew this as my very first digital art piece to “prove them wrong”:

Surprisingly, they said it was a really good attempt and I should continue, and so I did, trying to familiarise myself with MS Paint’s extremely limited variety of tools while still practicing my drawing skills traditionally. I eventually tried my hand at drawing someone else’s story in MS Paint (You should click the image to see the entire comic strip below):

And wow, I realised I did have potential, and so I made more and more MS Paint stuff, from gift cards to misc. pieces of fanart to other artists who continued inspiring me

MS Paint Stuff

And finally my very last MS Paint artpiece

Into the Real World

At around early 2017, someone actually…well…pirated an art program for me by the name of “Paint Tool SAI”. They told me while my art was impressive, they believed I could be even better if I had a better set of tools in my hands. I remembered getting completely lost when I opened the program the first time, it was so much more complicated than MS Paint. I actually got discouraged from drawing, cuz I didn’t think I could learn how SAI worked, and every time I drew on MS Paint, I felt like I was wasting my skills on such a basic program.

But then, I remembered why I started drawing in the first place: I wanted to draw cute and gorgeous cartoons and characters. So I sat at my computer and spent 10 hours straight working on my first SAI piece, learning the basics of SAI’s many functions and powers:

I was so happy, I realised I could actually draw on SAI, and I finally shifted my main art program from MS Paint to SAI…and of course, I got better and better at it as time flew by. I drew a bit less frequently during 2017-2019 rather than everyday since I was busy with school work and gaming, but I still kept improving, bit by bit, even without drawing for extended periods of time. I thought people were supposed to get rusty if they didn’t do something for awhile, but that never stuck to me, I still got better without drawing anything for months… I guess that’s a talent I really appreciated~

More early SAI stuff


Drawing Tablet and Final Words

My aunt recognised my love for art, so she actually went ahead and bought a Wacom Drawing Tablet for Christmas 2017. I set it all up, but much like the transition from MS Paint to SAI, it felt too daunting a task for me to actually transition from computer mouse to drawing tablet, and so I never used the drawing tablet for a whopping 1 year.

It was only earlier this year that I finally pushed myself to using the drawing tablet, and that was also around the time I came across another artist inspiration that inspired a change in art style for me, Squeakwee. This was the very first piece I did entirely with a drawing tablet (funny how it’s still Undertale related, it was a fandom I really enjoyed being part of, if you close your eyes from its corrupted/negative shadow) :

And so yea! I got familiar with the drawing tablet, but old habits die hard, so I actually draw 50% of my art pieces with the tablet, and the other 50% with my mouse even till this day. Now this art story’s got a new chapter: RotMG and a RotMG Fan-Comic, and I’m really excited to see what comes out of this <3

What this all has taught me is that if you really care and put your heart into your passion, it can work out and it’s never too late to start your journey. I never thought I’d make it this far, but I did, all thanks to an awesome game and 2 motivating artists, as well as the other great artists I’ve met in the past alongside my followers~

Whew that was quite a write-up, but if you’ve read everything, thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed my art journey story. I also told this story just in case someone would question why most of my non-related RotMG art was Undertale-related. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone x)


Butterfly Wizard V2 (PhantomMod)
Remember that old Butterfly Wizard with a Jaco Pet I drew about 8 months ago? I figured that after such a decent amount of time, I could probably redraw her better. With a Spirit Staff half-forged into a vine spear alongside her trusty leaf blades and nature manipulation, she’s ready to tackle against some sizeable opponents and teach them a good lesson on not messing with mother nature.

Based on my actual Butterfly Wizard

Edited fun fact: I actually redrew the wings to match that of an actual and typical butterfly. I previously drew them just like how I drew my first butterfly wizard drawing, but they didn’t stand out and it was a bit difficult to reference a proper wing pattern for them.


Something a little different: A fanart drawing for one of my friend’s Just Shapes and Beats’ Original Character, Pete~

According to her description of Pete:
“This flower boy was captured and got in the factory, however, when his time of corruption came, he somehow could partly resist of the effects. he considered himself different from all the others, which caused him to get the outfit he has.”

Nice (kudos if you get the childish reference)


Disclaimer: NOT my art, but a sketch from a fellow friend in Steambirds Alliance (Credit: Adohad4)

One of my mates from Steambirds Alliance actually found out I had a DA page (and now I guess you all know I have one now that I said it . w.). He saw the Dark Elf emotes I added to my SBA guild’s server and decided to do a little doodle-sketch of me casually soloing Meowza 2 on my Quad. It may just be a sketch, but god I love fanart <3





A few months ago, my sister drew her mun as a ghost cat. In case you don’t know what a “mun” is, it is a character representation of an author (aka yourself) online. This is quite common especially in roleplaying sites and servers which I used to be a part of. In case it wasn’t already made obvious, that blue slime I’ve drawn in the past is my mun.

I allowed her to draw on SAI since she was a little interested in drawing digitally and she came up with this:

And then I decided to spark her design up as shown below~ :>


Initially read ‘mun’ as ‘mum’ and I was like, “Pfft. Of course I know what a mum is.”


So…something terrible happened recently, kind of sapped my energy and motivation to draw temporarily, which is why no new art for the past few days, not to mention I got a few tests coming up in a week as well, so gotta focus a bit on that for now.

But hey, I still got old art to shove into this thread to keep the fiesta going in this short downtime~ Probably will whip up something soon enough!

About a year ago, I was quite tempted to redraw some of my older pieces of art. But that by itself didn’t sound all that exciting, so I pulled off a unique twist by “cursing” my redraws. Basically, I’d follow the fundamental idea of the old drawing, but I’ll twist something in it to make it posess a darker theme. So here are 2 pieces I did and the originals attached below:

Temmie Gift Card


Split Personality Chara


I actually “cursed” another 2 drawings, but those 2 drawings have semi-extreme gore themes attached to them, and that’s a big no-no here on the forums! These ones are kinda edgy but I’m sure no one’s going to start hyperventilating when they see them, so enjoy~

Hmm, maybe I should have posted these ~26 days ago…ah well


Oof. Hope whatever it was, you’ll get over it soon. (Or maybe you already have, which in that case, great!)
And yeah, tests are a pain to deal with, so you’re right in prioritising those first.


Yea, it was quite painful when the news came…

What happened

What happened was that one of my most active supporters of my art recently passed away as a result of a suicide attempt. They always came onto my stream no matter when I started it, and would always be one of the first people to like/favourite any piece I post out.

They even mentioned once that they were always excited to see my stream, which is quite surprising since all I really stream is my own playlist of music and me working on a piece, with maybe occasional gameplay breaks, kinda like a cafe of sorts where I interact with the 2-3 people who always come on as we spend a few hours chatting and watching what I was doing.

Knowing I’ll never be able to chat with them, about how they enjoyed their study course and coding stuff, it’s kinda painful, y’know? Worst part is knowing that I could have saved them, but I couldn’t, even though I did consult them and tried my best to persuade them not to do it. Was I too late? Did I not choose the right words? Idk at this point, all I know is that I shouldn’t linger in this too long as much as it weighs down on me as an awful memory… I just hope they rest in peace and that their family will recover soon…

So anyway, I’ve actually tried my hand at animating stuff in the past, granted I only did it 3 times for very short miniscule stuff. This one’s my latest one, albeit it was done more than a year ago~

The entire animation made use of just 29 frames at about 10fps! Y’know, beginner’s stuff x)


If you want to talk about it at all then my discord tag is Orsome#1704, or we can use realmeye PMs


Ah, it’s fine, I think I’ll recover from it soon enough, but! I’ll go ahead and add you on Discord once I get dismissed from school~

Or, if you want to send a request to me first while I’m busy, my discord ID is
and anyone can add me if you want to ^


And there is another; I actually did a small drawing of 3 of her OCs a month back, just because I really wanted to draw them. I’m most proud of the sky for this one, getting the right blend of colours really made it stand out

Y’know, something interesting I’ve noticed is that if you tell me to draw a character for the first time, it comes out presentable. But if you give me another shot at the character, it always somehow comes out better than the first iteration, like the butterfly wizard, dark elf huntress and the 3 characters above. I guess this becomes a problem when it comes to consistency, you’d just see the same character going through multiple design changes, that’s not gonna be good if I start working on the realm’s comic . w." Hopefully I nail it down soon enough.

With that being said, I actually want to revisit the references for Meghan, Lily and Bob specifically when my test week is over. Are they good designs? Community seems to like them, and I do too, but y’know, I think I can do better with a second shot. We’ll see how it pans out ^-^


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