PhantomMod's Art Fiesta


The appropriate emoji is, of course, image

Here’s a more recent drawing I made a while ago. It was a birthday gift to Squeakwee featuring some of her original characters~



A more recent drawing compared to the past few old drawings I’ve been posting, but with that being said, it was made a while ago xP


Oh boy, the Christmas month has arrived! Time to dress up festively~ Yes, the UFO joins in too!

Featuring my dark elf huntress once again, but in a special festive outfit

It appears someone has eaten the hidden text here…



It looks like nothing happened

But you remember that everything happens for a reason


Sorry, on that new shit, mistletoe is my new drug for the season, crazy stuff

I am on diet so I must resist doritos


mistletoe is my new drug and unlike craftable I will nom all your doritos :3


Interesting choice for a drug, better use that responsibility! . w.

Since you two commented early, I’ll just give the free request to both of ya~ Just drop a reference of your character below, and, well, if you have any specific detail you want with them (like an outfit or a background) then include it in too!


Mistletoe is one hell of a drug. I used it to poison my wife


the plot thickens


oh no…


No wait. I’m hallucinating; it was the other way around.


Why I avoid salads around the holidays. Or anytime for that matter.

A poor excuse to halt your operations every twenty-fifth of the last calendar… but if you do fufill my request, extra eggnog and sugar cookies next morning.

Character of choice, you guessed it, Golden Ninja Rhea. Not sure if you need a reference, have fun with it, you know the general idea. But put the outfit as:
Up to your design, I’m not picky. But if you’re looking for a pose, somethin like this:

would be pretty nice


uwu hoodie


Still working on your requests! I got distracted by my return to Terraria, as well as some older art requests I had to settle, which I shall post it here just to make sure I don’t get this thread locked again~

The 2 pieces below are part of an art challenge request. I had 2 requests by my followers to draw a certain character using only the 5 colours enlisted in the art palette they picked. Needless to say, it’s my first time doing such a thing and it was pretty fun doing it~




Mfw I want to post some more art but realise it only fulfils one of the two requests that is already 20+ days old and wouldn’t want frustration to stir from not completing the other one yet ._ .


It’s ok, we can wait


Glad to hear that! :>

Here’s some sticker doodles! I’ve rarely doodled, and never really tried to draw things to look like stickers, so it seemed like a good idea to do both as a little experiment/fun break. Midway I also decided, heck, I delayed the 2 requests I promised to do for too long, so I figured I should just go ahead and kill 2 birds with 1 stone and doodle them here~


Sticker-style is underrated, but always good to see it done right once in a while. Especially when they make an entire game about stickers and misses the mark on character design.


Indeed it is underrated haha~ For something that took me 15-20m to doodle per sticker, it came out much better than I expected