PhantomMod's Art Fiesta


Honestly, big mood. If I keep fucking up at the beginning of making an art piece, I usually just close the program then proceed to never touch the filthy software for the rest of the day xD

Dw, I’m sure you’ll get through it, just do it when you feel like you can and want to do it :>

A Jirachi gijinka art request done for an art chain in a mutual discord server~

I’m not entirely sure what a Jirachi gijinka is supposed to be, but it sounds Japanese enough so I assume it’s a name designated to a specific class of people probably… ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Jirachi is a pokemon, and gijinka means humanization


Ohhhhh, thanks for clearing that up, makes a lot more sense now! I actually searched the term up in Google Images and just saw a bunch of fanart of girls wearing yellow hats that looked like the above, I didn’t actually scroll down to realise these were all humanisations of a Pokemon, so I literally thought it was a term for a specific type of Japanese priestess xP


Just a classic, standard drawing to get my art gears revved up for more pieces to come!


Aaaand it’s been a day since this has been up, so here’s a little secret that probably isn’t actually a secret

Yep, this drawing was not made by me, it was actually made by a friend who was copying their individual friends’ styles as part of a challenge! They told me to post it here and see if anyone would notice, and judging by the lack of response, looks like they’ve actually succeeded in passing off my style as their own xD

I guess that either means my style is easy to copy, they’re too good at mimicking styles, or my pieces are somewhat inconsistent (ie. The same character always seems to appear a little different between each piece T ^T)

Another friend also tried mimicking my style along with the first friend and himself. Not as genuine as the first, but it’s still an amazing effort nonetheless~


Y’know, I thought something was off cause of the alignment of the ears. But I didn’t say anything because I thought, “What if he’s doing something new this time?”


Ah heck I didn’t even notice you got me


Idk if I count as an arter. I make Cursed Sprites so that’s, uh, something, right?
7 days late wo o ops-
Values v v approximate. I usually spend a decent deal of effort in what I draw, despite those often being just doodles or memes. If you look at like, that one meme I made of the announcement that Testing would bee over soon while I was in a Shatters, you know I like little details =w=
That said I often don’t have a lot of patience, and usually finish stuff just in one sitting. I don’t really do anything in multiple parts (except for this one thing I’m making for school, a very simple frame-by-frame animation for a presentation on a project I did. It’s a little sloppy and I have no idea if it’ll work out but it’s somefin).
I make up for the patience with doing it relatively fast, though >:3

Also, here’s a mostly blank one with one coloured “bullet” for easy copying:


That’s pretty interesting, your cursed sprites are definitely art, they’re accurate and hilarious! All the best to your animation though, would be a treat to see the outcome~

This was done after DedoN wanted to portray their stats:

Their speed is ridiculously high but for a good reason. Sometimes when I’m a bit stuck in drawing a character, I’ll ask them to help me out with the pose. They’re extremely fast and can whip up a rough 3D model of the pose I’m looking for in a matter of 5 minutes or lesser. They did say they don’t want to take too long doing it, so they tend to be quite impatient and less observant to detail and just get it done with.

They can also give me a little 3rd person perspective, so that’s added to the ability list for my pet tribute. As for the 3rd one, that’s something I added, I figured my UFO loves a good ol’ pat once in a while, so there’s that :>


oh so that’s why the eyes were so far apart


Finally, the forum reawakens from its maintenance slumber! I should have some Realm art coming soon, but for now, here’s a Slushii fan-art cover~


zlushy flashbacks intensify