Photography thread 2


Boglins where a line of collectible goblin hand puppets produced in the 80’s.

Here’s my favorite and ex-profile. He is the green Grumph. I also have him in galaxy glitter and scaly trans green.

This is Drool. He is one of the originals and the biggest one I own. There is a mechanism in the top that lets you control his eyes, along with tabs to make him blink.

Here is Slobster, he’s from the soggy line which where made of water resistant materials and had neat gimmicks, his is a snapping claw.

I don’t have pictures of the rest, but I have a purple Kneep which is the smallest one I own and I have an original in mint condition box European Shlurp. The Euro runs of the original boglins came in weaker boxes but had stronger coats of paint making, while the american ones where very cheap on the paint having almost none but had more durable boxes. Was lucky enough to have nabbed him for $60 when he is easily worth closer to $200. Finally I have the new dark green with gold accents Swogg coming in the mail who is the newest boglin. Sadly I did not get the one of a kind dark green with glow in the dark accents Swogg, but that’s nothing some paint can’t fix.

Here’s an old promo image, it has a lot of prototype boglins that weren’t officially produced on it.


I thought your old pfp was a turtle


When it stops raining hell outside


Those are cool! Thanks for showing

I used to collect hot wheels cars, I don’t anymore but I still have all of my old expensive ones.


I love rain, show pictures of rain


I like rain.


By raining hell I mean rays of the sun, it’s 107 degrees Fahrenheit outside…


i activate my stalker skills and and guess that you live in nevada, kansas, or texas

or anywhere in africa


In Africa during June it would be 85-90 degrees but humid as heck, it would be in the hundreds around December



nvm then, I hate the sun


Nevada, Sin City

Still surprised people don’t know this.


I don’t really see why I should know this already but if you say so


Ah, I’ve mentioned it a couple times in the past when people asked




A random summer sunset taken somewhere in North America




@Uniqourn but which should I post? There’s over 5000 (actual number) pictures to choose from!


Post the pretty ones.


Today SoloSen is baking bread


update: the second tray is done