Picture thread


Someone said all the picture threads were closed so I decided to make one


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A post was merged into an existing topic: The Death Thread


Perhasp we should rename this the travel thread?


here is what you are looking for, it will get the proper attention on that thread


No, you don’t need to travel to get pictures of scenery.

You can talk about traveling and where you took those pictures all you want, but that doesn’t mean everyone else should feel like they have to.


think outside the box a little bit

why do you think I said this after 2 people posted pictures that belong in the death thread which has actually happened before in here

Naming it that would stop people from having to move those post and help people who are not forum savvy

also this, this is not what the thread is for but it was posted

“Picture thread” is pretty vague, if not travel thread which this name change has nothing to do with me really it would make it a better and cleaner and more clear thread

then perhaps “photography thread”


It is your Thread what do you think?


hey now I finally remember what the old threads were called! my “think outside the box” solution is to merge them all into one thread like what should have happened to begin with. enjoy.

new thread (technically it’s the old one) here in case you missed the topic split notifications.