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119, used random number generator ( too indecisive )

I am not vegetarian but would like to be and at the same time not to be. I’m a skinny lil twig at 98 lbs in high school and I have a really high metabolism but I enjoy salads a lot, I’ve been recently eating lots of salads because my high schools gives out decent salads compared to actual school lunches.


I’m a vegan in spite of plants


177, I am not vegetarian, but I try my best to eat meat off less known companies who do not slaughter as many animals. I also dislike many types of meats.


9, and although I’m not officially a vegetarian I rarely eat meat.


Lucky, my school has pretty much no good food



Not a vegan/vegetarian, I like my meat


I like my non-meats but am increasingly liking meats



and im not Vegie btw


152 i am a vegetarian :grinning::grinning:


Already picked

  1. no.


That’s another alt account you just replied to :joy:





  1. Not vegetarian, can’t go without eating meat


66, would never give up meat