Player abuse


Ok, so I hate to be the guy that is offended but it seems that the segment of the the game since when I got back that likes to abuse others has grown exponentially. Example: calling a false t, result “kill yourself”, I HOPE YOU DIE, I HOPE YOU DIE VERY EARLY and so on. Rotmg used to be not like this at all from what I remember and it honestly makes me angry that someone would say that over something so trivial in such a cowardly manner with no possible form of retribution. It is the result of many online chats but it is prolific in this game for some reason now. And they say it so cavalierly like it is no big deal at all to tell someone to off themselves. I don’t know, I think this game does things to people or just attracts the bottom of the barrel. It upsets me. When did it get this bad? Edit: and on top of that they then say things to make it seem there is something wrong with you for being disturbed for their very demented and psychotic messages. Is it the idiot-moron culture at work of saying the worst things possible and finding it to be entertaining and then chastising those who are upset by it? That is all. Sick of it.


I remember that back when I started playing, the community was just as toxic. Notable example was the blatant racism in almost every LOD run. :smiley:


Not even close to what I’m talking about. I am talking about the creatures more similar to demons than human beings saying things that sound out of satan’s script for his legions.


I’ll come out and say that I’m guilty for calling fake t’s, but I usually stick to lengthening the message and separating the t from the rest of whatever word I’m saying, like “tree.” That doesn’t necessarily make me any better, but I just thought that stuff like fake white bags or calling fake t’s if you were clever about it was fine. If it’s just mindlessly fake calling then that’s mean. Also, I’m not spared from the real depravities of the chat myself. Sometimes I see players randomly say slurs out of nowhere which catches me off guard. I’ve had to block more than just bot accounts in this game over time. I once even had to block a user in my dms who called other rotmg players a transphobic slur while complimenting my humor, which was simultaneously humbling and a learning experience for me.

I ranted a bit, but tdlr; I agree. This chat can be horrible sometimes, both inside of and out of the game itself. Don’t be afraid to block weirdoes or toxic people, and choose who you hang with very carefully.


I believe the growing toxicity of the player base is partly enforced due to Deca.

When I started played in Kabam Era, I saw a larger and healthier ratio influx of newer and casual players to the endgame players compared to today. This is due to mainly Deca focusing more on endgame content and a lack of advertising.

One of the most ironic things I faced playing this game back when my account was ported on Kongregate was seeing multiple RWT ads for ROTMG on the actual ROTMG kong game page, but I had never seen an actual ad advertising ROTMG itself(even though Kabam more than enough money to advertise). With the quality of video games improving over the years and a lack of advertising, people usually aren’t interested in playing an decade-old pixel bullet hell MMO shooter game. There are many other reasons why the community is growing more toxic but I believe maintaining a diverse community of newer and older players of varying skill levels helps keep the game and community healthy, thus the growing amount of both endgame players and the diminishing percentage of newer players in addition to the elitism/gatekeeping endgame players have is hurting the game.


I don’t even care about any of that with the slurs. It is just the pure evil manifest into the chat that is disturbing. Part of the fun for me with this game is to joke around and interact with the chat. Because of instances of what I’ve described and how disturbing it is to me I have to forgo that and just turn it off because I’ll be frank it makes me angry even though it is the internet.


When I started in wildshadow there was none of what I’ve experience now with what I’ve talked about here. None. No amount of advertising will lure people to this game with the amount of depravity and demented language in the chat. I like the game still probably for nostalgia but I just cannot take it with the chat.


I’m crying :cry: :skull:


Whats the problem with fake calling t? just don’t teleport lol. boots on the ground

or even better rush the dungeon yourself



It’s a form of trolling. Sometimes it’s obviously false (OT e.g.) but in many places it can mean players miss real trooms (Davy Jones e.g.) or even the boss (Snake Pit) due to cooldowns in how often you can TP and the delay after TP before you can shoot.


I am just too sensitive to very evil statements like that. I feel bad that some people may take that abuse and feel like they want to kill themselves.


I’m confused. Usually when people fake call t-rooms, they just do that. They only say “t” and then laugh at people in chat. If they say something like telling people to off themselves, that’s a different story, but calling a fake treasure room alone isn’t particularly toxic aside from just being a mean prank.


He’s saying in response to calling a fake T people respond very toxically