Player market


A player driven marketplace where you can list sales for specific items. Just like the trading section on realmeye, you would not have to worry about being scammed because it is clear what both parties want.Just like the daily quests you would have to drag and drop items from your inventory into the required item slots. This would make trading, which is already a big part of the game, so much easier. You can just put the items up for sale or place a buy order and continue grinding for those white bags in the realm.
(edit: inspiration from this idea came from playing an rpg which had a market like this, but as realm does not have a real form of currency, so i believe this would be the best option)


was it Rune Scape? because it has a marketplace very similar to your idea. Which isn’t bad in anyway, hell it’s good even since either party can buy/sell items and collect them without having to be online (which would be a major QoL improvement imo).

So i’m definitely in favor for this.


Has been a commonly spoken idea over time, but an entire change to the trading system like you describe might also be a way to solve duping, if trading is no longer done directly between players as we currently do. So, yep sure lets have it.

Though I doubt they’ll make changes before Unity, it might be one day we have a revolution in trading.


i didn’t mean for it to replace direct trading. The marketplace would be public, anyone can buy what you sell. so if you’d just want to give something to a friend for example, i think the trading system we have now would be more convenient. and i didn’t know duping was still a thing, since you cannot trade when the realm closes anymore?


it’s albion online,the marketplace is very user friendly. Thought it could make trading in ROTMG a little easier too :smiley:


Yessss… this would be one of the changes DECA should have made years ago… if they actually wanted trading to be a thing.


gona be honest i just dont get the point of this


visit uswest, a solution to that


good god USW sucks ass for my FPS


Back in my day, realmtrades used to be a thing ;-;
So yes, this would be a great replacement to that, that doesn’t break ToS since it’s part of the game.


I like the idea, but I think I’d prefer face-to-face trading because it seems more co-op and player-to-player interaction. Just my thought.


As many people have said, I don’t think deca llikes large scale trading (not like selling rainbows)


Yes please


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