Please fix oryx sun phase


I don’t to come off as someone lowkey whining at all. In fact, I think it is necessary for me to experience death in rotmg every once in a while regardless of how unfair it may seem otherwise I would be stuck with the same character (I don’t have any extra chac slots). But here is my complaint.

I had my 6/8 wizard with grand sorc and expo ring. As a few others and myself were fighting oryx, several maxed characters were dying to oryx for some reason which put my adrenaline up slightly. Making sure I stayed safe I turned off character center by pressing “x” and keeping a far distance using only my spell bomb since I already got a solid amounts of hits in. Oryx 2 does the most hated move in rotmg and starts his sun phase; but what if I told you it can instantly kill you at full health with pally buff regardless if your far away, would you hate this phase even more?

That’s basically what happened to me, I had full health with pally buff trying to land my spell bomb on him. Got hit by the sun explosion as soon as it exploded while still being able to take all of the sun bullets. r.i.p slime wizard at least i tried :c

tldr: Please make the sun explosion and sun bullets separate to prevent shotguns, i know its really slow but somehow I didn’t see it.


It can only 1 shot you if you’re far away, as the balls explode once they get far enough away from o2.


Fixed it. Thanks for telling me.


Contrary to instincts and popular belief, suns is safest about 2 tiles away from Oryx. Circle there and you’ll only get hit maybe twice during the phase


Sun Explosions will detonate into rings of 6 armor-piercing Sun Bullets.

This is directly coming from the Oryx 2 wiki page, about the Sun Phase.


If you got more than 850 hp that’s fine as long you don’t get hit by the others explosions.


i know that’s hard to lose a 6/8 in oryx 2, but look at me :


Yeah, well maybe moral of the story is stop hiding. The purpose of the stage is actually to keep those further away on their toes while those who are closer are consirdeably safer. Plus, big slow shots are meant to do a lot of damage. They’re huge and easy to dodge for a reason…


The whole point of the phase is that it can shotgun you which makes it fun.
Not sure if i should WC this


I understand what you guys are saying but it doesn’t seem reasonable to go up front or near oryx as a ranged class considering not even most melee classes get that close for more than a few seconds. The whole point of a range class is to keep distance from your enemy so dodging is much easier or the projectiles run out of range before it can hit you. (Although this rule is sometimes worked around especially with EP and melees using crystal sword, I don’t feel as though oryx 2 should have this rule/guideline ignored)

I think the sun explosions and bullets should have seperate damage meaning if you get hit by the sun explosion. The bullets would disperse around you and not exactly inside of you (I understand insta dying by the sun explosion is rather difficult since they seem to have a random range limit before exploding but it just makes this phase more hated than it already is).

It is also important to note that I had a pally buff when I got hit meaning my health was over 700 but not exactly 850.


I’ve always found the suns phase to be one of the easier ones, just looks at the suns and stick between the tentacles, make sure to be very careful when you get close to the part where they explode, as that’s the most dangerous.

Dancing phase is the worst, I can never dodge all of the shots for some reason.

In suns phase? suns phase is literally easier when you’re close up, just be careful of phase changing.



You’re supposed to rotate close to him or else you could get popped by one of those suns.

wc please


This could end up producing actual help for people having trouble with the phases, so I don’t believe the WC is necessary.

WC hehe


Thank you for the replies, I am going to take a break for a couple months or more. Game gets a little old when the only way you can die is to have insta kill shots or lagging for one second but I think it’s necessary to have these so I would not have 1 character forever. But again, thank you guys a lot for helping me out.


Come back when you feel better about the game


Honestly Oryx has become so irrelevant in his own game.

Until they fix the poor drop rates of sts (which they won’t) Oryx 2 has essentially no value.

If you think he’s too hard (which I agree he’s overpowered for an enemy that drops low tier pots) just avoid him and you won’t miss out on anything.

Kill oryx 1 to get the fame bonus.

I discussed this many times but most people just end up cheesing oryx with assassin/wizard/archer.


Please approach forums as a means to propagate discussion and development, not as platform for voicing your virulent distaste in others. I’m appalled to see so many people so quick to ridicule someone with an honest problem they wish to discuss. The OP feels done wrong by O2’s design and it’s not by fault of his skill, they wish to show us this through using the forums as a forum for discussion. Power to you, @MechmanZ.

On topic now, I agree that Sun Phase in O2 is horribly flawed in design. Yes, the phase exhibits safespots that one can stand in to be relatively safe. No, these do not achieve the intended effect of being a safespot and you still take a ridiculous amount of damage while rotating near O2. The bullet density is simply so thick and the boss so dangerous to approach that the phase just doesn’t feel fun to play at all. What the phase really suffers from is inconsistency. I hope the phase can be made more uniform in the future. If there were more windows to approach the boss and a wider safespot for the mass of players to inhabit then a lot of the phase’s problems would be moot.

In the future in this thread please refrain from attacking player’s character or skill levels. If you want to call people bad just do it in-game.


I don’t believe that his skill level is low. I simply believe that he, and possibly you, don’t understand the stage. Yes it’s difficult, incredibly difficult, ecspecially at far range, and yes, it is potentially lethal and bullet hell styled but that’s what the game is about. The game is supposed to be lethal, to keep you on your toes. It shouldn’t be based around free damage and complete safety for those who recognize the stage. Just because it’s difficult and hard to play around doesn’t mean it’s bad.


This isn’t whining, it’s a legitimate complaint surrounding his opinion. Now, if he said something like “Suns Phase is OP cause I died on my 8/8 nerf it or remove it is unfair” then that would be cause to wc. He’s trying to promote good discussion here.


Just noting, although I don’t see it as WC because I see it as encouraging conversation, I just want to note what he said was more or less what you said should be WCed


Lots of the new oryx phases are just bad.

  1. They are easy to play around and cheese. Bring an assassin for clearing realms. Boom. No skill needed for Oryx. Just lob some poisons.

  2. There’s basically no true safe spot for the phases. In his sun phase and dance phase you pretty much have to take damage. Having to tank damage is never a healthy design element.

  3. The new oryx phases punish players for being at the wrong place when they start. If you’re far away from oryx (like a ranged) when he starts the sun phase it’s gg you’ll just get popped trying to get close to him. If you’re outside the dance phase when the red blobs start rotating you’re going to take a ton of damage getting in.

  4. Oryx loot is sheit. You can make him the big bad all you want but he’s almost useless right now for loot progression.

There’s really no good reason to spend the time mastering a boss that offers such low rewards when all you have to do is sit at 10 tiles, press spacebar, and get loot.

Honestly instakills are just bad for the game.