Please fix Pup


It’s beyond annoying at this point. Assassin puppets throwing stacked bombs from a room you can’t see is ridiculous - especially during the boss fight. Last phase, he literally dies and they chucked 5 stacked bombs. Make it so that these things can’t kill you if you don’t see them on your map/minimap -> Sure, the aoe thing takes like half a second to land but the fact that being off center and focusing on the boss for even half a second can get u instaed is a joke. This thing needs more reworking than the other dungeons imo


I don’t really think that this is a huge problem, and they can’t insta you on a maxed character. It’s one thing on a level 13 trickster to die and another to say that it insta kills you. iirc, puppets have had a lot of updates before so I think that deca could focus on other aspects of the game.


Although I agree with there being more important problems, I disagree with the “maxed” sentiment. Granted, a significant portion of the new players seem better at adapting to circumstances with the availability of Discords and OG players handing out high level gear like candy, but there are still plenty that aren’t strong, and not being a maxed character on any stat is a norm. It’s more devastating to them to lose a character to something rediculous like that, whereas we here hardly give it a second thought.


im mainly pissed b/c i was tryna prep a trix for o3, and that thing was getting 29/30 hp rolls, i think i was like at a +50 hp roll when it got instaed. i think level 17 ish? yeah so im kinda pissed

also isnt first time, i lost a bard to this too, with a pretty decent set (concertina etc) and partially maxed


This would be somefin that’s easier said than done. Since monsters don’t really have any concept of “walls”, for lack of a better description for it, there’d need to bee some way to let them read when a wall is between them or the player; and then there’d need to be an in-code consensus on what constitutes as “behind a wall” and “not behind a wall”.
Still, it’d be nice to have from a design perspective, too…


To that, there are quite a few other dungeons that manifest that concept as well. I’m sure everyone is familiar with the quiet bombs shooting out from behind the walls in oryx’s castle, for instance.

On the pup note, I guess I could say that I never really had much problem with the assassins and sorcs of that dungeon as a new player? The assassins would hit hard, but normally didn’t throw them fast enough to catch me off guard. It was probably the plentiful rogues during the boss that gave me the most grief, tbh. I just learned to expect never being truly safe in an empty room, and would avoid sitting next to walls of I was pausing.


If this isn’t your first time, then you can clear out the adjacent rooms before boss now that you know about it. or go around the walls and see which sides have assassins to avoid while doing boss. There are many options a player can take without asking for a fix from the devs.


This may be off topic, but am I the only one who thinks that pups are a useless dungeon at this point? I never have any issues maxing attack and I haven’t stepped foot in a pup in ages.


it was on top of the boss room, no paths led up to it, no breakable walls near it, completely unexpected. its just bad design, and it can be improved


It was level 13, but I do get where you are coming from