Please Read, Need your help/opinions [how to regain control of account?]


My account was hacked/stolen from me around 3 or more years ago.

I have tried many times submitting tickets to try to get my account back or to have them change my password, but have been unsuccessful since I don’t have gold purchase history (I’m pretty sure the person that is using my account has been buying gold) and I don’t know my security question answers.

The only way I can prove that my account is being hacked is by posting this with my account and the fact that I still have access to my account via my steam account and can play on it.

My account is very old… One of the oldest in the game. So when I first made my account it was through my email address and then transferred my account to steam when that became available. I’m not sure if the hacker has changed the email or what not because whenever I do password recovery with my original email I never get an email back from DECA.

I do have one very old photo of me playing my account back in the day on my steam account and I can prove ownership of my steam account easily.

Does anyone an idea about how to regain control of my account?


My steam account name is tippy655 too…


You don’t need a password to get on realm on steam after youve already use your account on there so how can you not use it on there ?


Just make a new account. It’s not really worth going through all this just for a very tiny chance that deca will make an exception for you.


I can play via Steam, the problem is that this other person has an email/pass that logs into my account on the flash version of the game. There is no saying that he or I take all the items off the characters and transfer to a new account. (I’ve done it multiple times)


Making a new account is an alright idea, it’s just that my account is sooooo old that creating a new account would be heartbreaking and remove a personal aspect to the game.


Change the email and password via steam pretty sure you can do that


You can’t do that, account button only shows steamworks user id.


Can’t you maybe get it back by proving beyond reasonable doubt that you are and have been the owner of the steam account?

If you can still log in and play the game on steam, I’d recommend recording a video of you going to the character select screen and walking around in the nexus to prove that your steam account is the one associated with this rotmg account as well.


So you can access your account through steam but someone else also has access to your account?


Would you maybe be able to message DECA and see if they would be able to make it so your account can only be accessed through steam?


make a video for deca

  1. Send DECA your resume and start working for them.

  2. Once you work for them you will become an administrator.

  3. Use your god-like administrative powers and spawn 10 O2’s in Nexus.

Oh wait, no.

  1. Use your administrative powers to get you account password back.


Correct, I believe they are logging in through an email/password that was changed from my original.


I actually did bring that up in a previous ticket but I think that option was shot down.


I think that’s what I’m going to do next, I’ll just be sure to include commentary and showing the launch from my steam account as well for good proof.


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