POG PPE's (Cause I'm sad and want to make a PPE)



I’m kinda garbage ngl


Were all a little garbage don’t worry


Same :sweat:


i feel targeted


what is up with you and hating macs


I don’t hate macs. I just know that macs are inferior to windows pc, because I have used a mac for nearly a decade, and I am already having a better time with a windows pc which I’ve used only for 2 years. Mac is more convenient in some ways, but gaming is something that you never mix in with a mac.


I guess


Congrats on being pog


Yesterday was a yikes day for me. Lost two 5/8’s and an 8/8 (got sat on by xotol, then by a merv, and my assasin just got trapped cause he wasn’t maxed speed). I made 3 ppe’s but didn’t bother showing them cause they were with friends.

Asssasin PPE: Was a realm clearing ppe with some erl’s. All it got me was a ghost prism and obviously the ring it’s wearing. Wish I had just vaulted the ring. It died to limon… Stupid converging shots on death insta popped me

Ninja PPE: Ran a couple of thickets in htt’s before I died. Honestly forgot how I died. Didn’t get anything good :frowning:


My HTT ppe. Though honestly most of the gear isn’t from htt.
t10 dagger - 2nd boss of thicket
t3 prism - realm clearing
Griffon - F.E.R.A.L.
Exa Hp - Shaitans I think

I’ll try to show future gains but honestly other then maxing, I haven’t gotten much yet and max wis and mana isn’t great on trickster



All the pictures taken in shaitans can’t load… bruh. Maxed life too… still no whites or anything interesting… hard life


Bruh i got a s.t.a.f.f. but my screenshot won’t load… god damn
I’m gonna stop taking full screen screenshots so I actually have a chance of uploading sutff… annoying


pog: max vit
Still wish I was getting more crafting material for forge but ppe’s been alright so far :smiley:


Nice… nice


First double white ever… though it kinda sucks



got a spirit staff but apparently image too big. now i got 1/3 of a white…
Edit: Actually I need a planeswalker so only got 2/9 of a white :frowning:


Bruh. Made so many ppe’s none of which were nice though :frowning: . Gonna try to make a upe next. UPE ninja time, les get it… hopefully I get something