POG PPE's (Cause I'm sad and want to make a PPE)


pretty average stats



had to take a half image because a full image wasn’t loading


I died but it didn’t show up in my graveyard? Anyway gonna reset. never got any gear anyway lol


DAMN. no doku but hell yes




End of day today: Getting ready for another day. Hopefully I get a ring, star, and katana






Maxed speed without realizing…


can’t put it on but exa hp is always nice



Took a picture of max def in cem but stupid image didn’t load


life gonna be a pain but the rest shouldn’t be too bad
Also Decided: I would allow myself one craft once I hit 8/8 and then another one for every 10k fame. The first craft is so that I can actually grind exaltation dungeons (if I still don’t have basic gear by then) and the others are so I don’t have to be super depressed. BTW, I currently don’t have any super good bp’s so can’t craft anything insane anyway


yo so i play on mac and you can do (Shift + Command + 4) to crop a section you want to take a pic of


I am cropping (using command shift 5). still too big though and i feel like if I take a smaller pic, it ruins the whole thing anyway (for last pot)


didn’t get the picture in the bag because I wanted to go to boss fast. Only ended up getting 1 life :frowning:
Dropped from the last sarc… ugh tombs take forever