POG PPE's (Cause I'm sad and want to make a PPE)


Damn my stats are kinda shit but gonna go with it anyway


got one shot apparently… oops


lost a warrior so gonna try a ppe again. Didn’t take pics cause I didn’t want to miss sb on anything but I think I missed sb anyway rip


gave up almost immediately. started a warrior upe instead

good start. (or actually kinda ass start. went through a o2 and got 0 :frowning: )

LVL 20 Stats: Ate 1 dex and 2 def


DAMN. I Got paralyzed and then panicked into getting lined up. was having fun too :frowning: Luckily it wasn’t geared up. Will prob start another one up later today


Eazy 8 levels lol. Normal ppe btw. screw upes



didn’t even take a picture of death. Gonna start a trickster upe and cheat off davies event :smiley:


Wow man. Your determination is insane :o I love doing ppes but after so much death I would give up life xD


I just do ppe’s when I die normally. It’s because I figure that after a normal death, I’m gonna die a lot more anyway (take more risks to try to earn back what you lost) so I might as well die on a char I’m not as attached to




Never felt so disappointed was so close… gonna immediately restart cause that assassin didn’t do shit. It just died


Made some progress so gonna show it here


slowly but surely upgrading in gear


Yikes griffon btw

last dungeon of today


BRUH Look at how my life pots to max change between the white bags…
Also I did pop 2 keys (which is kinda cheating) but they were from my vault and I had to open up for vault space lol


Last def from lod forgot that I was only one from max lol


Got oryx poison and the last life I needed to max <3


So much forge material but using it all not only is cheating but actually feels like cheating (no sense of accomplishment) so I’m not going to do that! Instead I’ll apply a rule that I can’t craft items for a dungeon unless I at least did the dungeon 100 times (this way if I do enough, I can craft it but I won’t overdo it and start to hate the dungeon)