Portal Drop Potion


I haven’t seen this idea as a forum topic so I want to throw it out there, but here it is, Sprites and all!

Boosts portal drop rate. I would say by 1.3x on enemies with your SB damage that drops portals. Doesn’t stack with other player’s boosts. Caps off at 70% portal drop rate, if original portal drop rate is less than 70%. Doesn’t boost portal drop rate if original drop rate is 70% or more. Helps farm the smaller dungeons that you rush under 5 minutes.
Duration: Lasts for 30 minutes.
How to obtain: Tier 9/10 quest reward, calendar login reward, or 150-200
Feed power: 200
Potential problem: The realm can be spammed with portals. Pirate caves, spider dens, and all. Pot prices definitely fluctuating.

Shout out to XDRDogex, who has pitched a very similar idea wayy ahead of me.

[Dungeon Idea]Wicked Game Show - BB

only thing i would add is making sure it doesn’t go over a certain rate, say like 2.3x mor


nice sprite, im a sucker for that colour.

Decent concept.Nice for farming dungeons,

Also the problem is when you have like 20 players with this on, which i see JLbeast addressed


I think it shouldn’t stack, even though multiple players have SB on the same thing… Maybe I should cap the drop rate at… 70% as well…


Cool concept, I think it’d work pretty well.
Only suggestion I have is rather than capping at 70% it should cap at 2 times the normal rate.
That way people can’t farm Ice Caves or something ridiculous like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Whoops! After re-reading the original post I realized the potions don’t stack. I’ll leave this here if ya choose to let em stack tho.


+1 man

Would it have same chance increase for all dungeons though?


So far, yeah. Of course, we COULD customize it for each dungeon… but that’s a lot of work, and I think boosting it by percentage is good enough. Any dungeons in particular you want to see?


Like, tomb and all those event dungeons. I guess boosting their chance to drop would be nice… but too high of an increase and suddenly price of life begins to drop and shit.



#oh wait
I forgot the most important problem of all.
#How will it affect the portal drop rate? Does the player have to be near it? Or actually hit the boss?
#H O W D O E S I T W O R K?



What have you unleashed upon this thread?


Have I mentioned that I sucked at looking things up? Because I do. Similar concept, but mine is only so slightly different: it doesn’t pause in dungeons. The point of the item is to help farm quick small dungeons. Also, sorry

Edit: @XDRDogex the portal drop works as described in the first post. SB damage achieved: portal drop boosted. Portal is accessible to all. No stacking.


Err, go search Samurai on the forums and Reddit. Similar ideas is a common thing. While I may agree with how your item works I definitely like Bara’s sprite a great deal more.


no mine is powder


in all fairness, doge would have shown up anyway at some point.


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