Portal killed me


I entered a sprite world with full health (there were no gods around) and it wouldnt load , so i reopened the game and found my only char (pally) dead. I dont have anything now , what do i do?


Suck it up, make a new char, and play again


Sometimes when it takes too long to load it wa a glitch and your character never truly left the glands, thus unless you exit sooner you are a sitting duck absorbing their bullets


I sucked it up, made new char and already have better gear


Nah man, not possible. It’s your client that tells the game it’s taking shots, so even if you crash but your character is frozen there, it won’t take any damage from the shots and then disonnect. OP obviously died before entering cause of latency


Take it up with valve.


Good job


Use this! So useful!


what? this has never been a thing that has happened.
he died because he got shot before entering the portal and died but entered at the game time or near the same time.


I saw it in the wiki ok


lul where


It’s uncommon but I know of it happening plenty of times


When you enter a portal and it doesn’t load for a long time, it means your character stayed in the portal area leasing to a most likely death. You can however use the “oh shit” button if you catch it in time. If I remember it was one of the reasons I slide to the side when entering the DDocks portal.


that’s not what happens? what happens is you die right before you enter the portal… it’s based on a slight delay in the game if this happens to you it’s 100% your fault for dying not the game killing you off.

this has happened to me before and my friend watched it happen i walked into a portal while getting shot at and a grave popped up for him but i went into the loading screen nothing happened where my character just stood outside of the portal.


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