Portal sends to Nexus after realm closes


Whenever I try go into the realm portal while in a dungeon after the realm closes, I am transported back to the Nexus. Is this is a feature or a bug?

[Moved this out of Trivial Issues as it’s a bug of its own. -Nevov]

Trivial Issues Thread

It happens occasionally; I forget if I read the info on why it happens on here or in some other place.

For a quick, potentially inaccurate because this is off of my not-so-great-nowadays memory, rundown of why it happens, basically there aren’t enough people in the server for it to create the new realm (say you originally had enough people to have 3 realms open, over time the server population went down, now there’s only enough for the server to have 2 realms open, once one of those 3 realms closes a new one won’t be opened). I don’t remember why it doesn’t just put you back into the closed realm in that case though, maybe the server just doesn’t acknowledge that closed realm any more and boots you back to nexus.

Please correct me if I got some of this wrong xd


I think what you’re talking about is when everyone goes to oryx. I believe op is talking about after the realm closes and you exit a dungeon, you have a chance of being sent to nexus instead of back to the realm. In your case, if the realm is closed and deleted you are sent to something similar to a ghost realm, or if a realm with the same name opens you will be sent there.
Im not sure what the reason is for OPs question is though


Closing, as is fixed in latest patch: