Possible Uses for Guild Fame?


Hey everybody. Obviously a lot of major changes have been happening to the game lately, those of which I am quite pleased with. But something that I feel like has gone under the radar yet again is the redundancy of Guild Fame. Added over 8 years ago, the only use it has ever had is to upgrade the guild hall to make it a bit bigger along with a few neat little things (like the training targets or secret room). The problem is, once the guild hall is fully upgraded (which doesn’t take long at all), guild fame is essentially useless.

I feel like the best implementation for guild fame would be to have guild keys be obtainable through guild fame. I understand that DECA wishes to incentivize more guild teamwork, and guild-only keys have been used in the past before, just not with guild-fame. I don’t think that they should spawn the little chest (unless of course there’s an event going on like what originally happened with them), but should simply be purchasable with guild fame and only be usable in the guild hall.

Now the biggest concern that comes with this is the fact that people in active guilds could simply buy the keys and essentially have free dungeons earned from other people’s dedication to the game. This can easily be combated however, by making it so there needs to be a certain amount of people currently inside the guild hall in order to use the key. Maybe 5 people for smaller dungeons, like Davys or OTs, and 10-15 people for bigger ones, like Shatters or Lost Halls.

With this concept, essentially 2 birds are killed with 1 stone, in the sense that not only does guild fame have an actual permanent use now, but guilds have more reason to plan activities with each other and farm dungeons together, forming more of a bond in the process. As for prices, that is not for me to decide, as I am not a developer and simply just a long time player giving a mild suggestion.

As always, thoughts and feedback is appreciated, along with other suggestions for guild fame use. I notice that there have been a few threads covering this topic in the past, but the most recent one was over 3 years ago, and seeing how the situation is still the same, clearly it might be worth talking about again :stuck_out_tongue:


I think Guild keys is a decent idea! I have always liked the idea of a guild vault room, though, where you can store extra things you don’t particularly need and people who do want them could use them. I feel like it would make it much more like a real community if you could share items in that way, even if it was still limited to non-soulbound items.


I love that idea!! I really feel like there’s so much more potential for guild fame and I hope to see it be used more effectively in the future.


Yeah I have thought that a lot about that idea over the past few months and if they do implement it, they would have to be sure that like only officers and above can use it to prevent people from joining guilds, looting them and joining another guild.


I know in a lot of pservers, guild fame can be used for increased loot boost, more xp, and more death fame. I think it would be nice to see this in realm.


Did you ever finish plasma pulse III?


Nah, lost interest in that game years ago. Really only other games I play now are Smite and Wow classic, but that’s aside from the topic here :stuck_out_tongue:


Ooh, maybe an opportunity to give the Member ranking an actual distinction from initiate!


I’d like a Guild Realm, I am so sick of crashers for o3 who think they’re entitled to our run.
It’s wishful thinking though ;c


A guild realm is a novel concept, but realistically it would be much harder to implement than simple guild keys or chests, and most guilds wouldn’t be able to take advantage of it, only the high end farming guilds really.


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