Post a Picture of Yourself Thread


best looking guy here


awh thats adorable <3


Never knew pear used the forums ._.


this is like my third time being on here


##Welcome to the forums!


In an effort to keep this thread on track, i’m going to pull a @McFarvo and start deleting all posts not directly related to pictures, or of fake pictures. I’ll start this tomorrow for posts earlier than this one, in the off chance anyone wants to review past replies. Edit: done.

All posts going forward, including replies to this post, will be removed if they’re not related to the topic.


Me ^.^


Almost there. Tip: never button the bottom button of a suit jacket. 2 button? Button only top. 3 button? Button top and middle only. 4 button? WTF are you buying a 4 button suit for?

Don’t ask me why. The Style Lords have said this must be.


Fashion conformity?
Screw conformity! This man knows none of that, he is sitting in a yellow teacup of all things. The mad man.


fuckin stud, dawg!


Thanks a ton, Doc.

Not to be harsh but it’s a little misleading when I come back on the forums and read that I have x replies for this thread and I get excited to see new faces but it’s really just the opposite ):

Hope all is well with you!


A friend saw my paper hat on my head and took a photo of me.

[Deleted upon poster’s request   OB]

If someone could photo shop my hat (or crop it or whatever) onto my forum picture, I would love ya <3


Here’s some variations, the original image of the hat is really small so it looks terrible when rescaled.


I should have a weekly/bi-monthly rotation of all of these. Would annoy all those people for the slight variation of each image. <3 Broo

+10 brownie points

@Doc does this sorta count as relevant or not? Will delete if not. Sorry :c

Fine with me. -Doc


oh :frowning: was making one :frowning:


ohh took you a while!

you rubix cube?


Unless your jacket only has 1 button, never button the bottom one.

It is also customary to either unbutton your jacket or take it completely off when seated.

@QCX I dig tho.


Yo, sup.


Uni <333

You should post the one where you were in Rome.



My pb is 38 seconds, but that was in march/feb last year. Though recently I have been getting back into cubing