Post funny moments in-game!


I’m surprised anyone remembers me, :smiley:
Oh btw, I applied to Beach Zone again, but I forgot about the char reqs, so it’ll be awhile before I get in again


beach zone is pretty inactive right now so if you want i can invite you whenever


When will you be on?


This is not a chat thread, please take your conversations off-line or in PMs. Thank you!


Oops, sorry


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A bit late, but it’s coming Niegil!


There was a lot of chasing if you look at the map


Pfft just another vanity

worst star in every wa…


“use this to impress the ladies”


boi 50 range, piercing, and only 30 mp cost… u can ez money get tons of accuracy from lined-up walls and snipe bois like o2 when ur lazy. dis thing op


im talking about the description


yeh but still dissapointed by ur reaction not referring to stats lel


I think you forgot this part:
meaning that the ‘range’ here is similar to a Bulwark.
The shots just stay for 5 seconds, and move at 10 tiles/second, which puts their range wihtout parametricism at 50. With, however, it’s not.




These heathen leprechauns have no respect for religion! They tied me to a stake inside their prison walls and I can’t get out.


Ok so how did you do that.


disconnect from internet at the other side of your vault, then walk over and the wall should be gone then reconnect to the internet.

i think


You turn on airplane mode and reload the tiles


Bad internet, didnt make it go out it just did it by itself.