Post funny moments in-game!


The egg. The egg is majestically massive. I was so happy that I got the full conversation on one chat window.


Second degree of funny, not sure if accidental, the placement of where you’re standing it even looks as though you’re at a giant egg from the uncovered tiles on the main game screen and the Exalt field of view. (not the minimap that ruins the thing by being obviously circular not egg shaped). :egg:

This was strange/funny to see, the Temple Statues got approached from two different sides, so the battle was split between two groups (of course greeding for tokens I tpd to the other group for sb on both). :wink:



The return of Phwyzjqup
I think they might be a bot that frequents around USWest4.


He’s in every server. In EUE2 or in EUW. Everywhere.




There seem to be two options, both with the stench of hackery if MrEyeball hasn’t seem them since June 2019 and records them still at 0 stars. It’s probably fair to assume they log on using hacks in either case, so:

a) they’ve got some way to trick the game into (perhaps momentarily) treating it as a 75 star account, maybe some exploit of the account attributes lets this happen. There was something last year about guild ranks being hackily modifyable to trick other clients, might be the star rank is susceptible too.

b) they’ve been using hacks to to connect into realms bypassing MrEyeball’s sight in the nexus over the last year, and actually are a 75 star account now, from beach XP & autonexus/reconnect, or a combo of that and playing, and they’ve worked through all classes to white star like this.

Regardless of the how, spamming RWT is bannable, so I’d suggest send info about simply the RWT spam to Deca: How to contact Deca Games Support, and let the :hammer: fall.



when u post an offer and others pm you with 1/4th the price :flushed:

“selling life for 5 def”

how about 1 def for 1 life???
no? fk u


Learn to negotiate negociate!



I’ve got a whole album full of these.


kinda weak but was bored


what pumpkin


His pet top-mid.

Also put a valentine in between him and his pet.






They’ve managed to achieve victory through sheer endurance, and finally topped the fame leaderboards of the game!

They’ve won… but at what

I’m sorry I’ll see myself out


a lil’ context, LolitoLoli here is an unmaxed ninja rushing an abby…



Drug dealing in rotmg.


I would’ve taken that :frowning:




tbh we can all relate to that…