Post funny moments in-game!


imposter is sus




So, admin in the Nexus earlier today, popped a Beach Zone.


For those curious, no, the spawned MBC did not give me a completion.

Did create the void thingie though.


Yeah that mbc was pretty cool. Though the admin had to kill with admin staff because they though too many people were dying. Then the realm closed and we completed o1 and o2. We had 2 runes at the end, so we couldn’t do OSanc :(. I’m curious what would’ve happened if we did have the 3rd rune. Would admin let us get SB and then insta? After that, we went into another realm and admin spawned Keypers, but the Keyper would run away with no bound during that run away phase. We only caught it cuz it got stuck near the para thingies. Either way it was pretty fun.


I would have loved to try that MBC. Were there many natural obstacles on the terrain that got in the way during the fight?



He loves awful jokes :>

Realm Rewind 2021

The only obstacle was the dark blue water at the top that you can’t go through, but no one went over there. There some trees in the way, but they were useful as shields to block shots coming from MBC.

Found same admin today.

He appears to have gigantamaxed in the nexus.



this is almost too perfect


Not really funny but


Okay wow I forgot the image, now that’s a funny moment


Need to load in but then… Disconnected !


Okay here’s another image, but this time instead of 2 golden spiders it’s 2 golden beholders, which is probably more rarer since there’s many god types


Yes, that pally is still alive. No, I did not nexus here.
I actually got double white, shield and tome from this fungal


I’m positively surprised by the fact that realm’s code correctly said “hitpoint” instead of “hitpoints” lol


Oryx be like:


It used to be “1 hitpoints”, so it got patched some time during the Deca Era™!

…and in trying to find an image, I stumbled across this old video which showcased…


ROTMG YouTubers: “I’ll use my fancy editing skills to blur the screen background so that I can put text over the top of it!”
Me, an intellectual:



uhhh, did I do it right?