Post funny moments in-game!


Oryx isnt the only mad one

i dont have the required pass to be the r


I share Phoneixz’s pain sometimes. That screenshot is even relatively tame compared to some conversations, unfortunately. But you guys know that.


I’m awful


LEAKED: the puppet master does rwt!!111!

#3590 couldn’t work out how to post the file so i uploaded it :slight_smile:


(Eyy, that video caught what I was about to post! What a coincidence. I didn’t know BatEatBoy was your guildie. I spoke to them once or twice : D )

Well, between that and @Triforcej ’s stalk here, I may or may not have accidentally incited another ST party, but this time (though not as large as times past), I have some photo evidence.

It began with Moonpetal and I bullying @XBlaz:

Then, we had a couple of random strangers join us when I was afk for a while:

By the time I returned, we had a humble crowd in our wake:

And finally, I guess some people were trying to coordinate getting everyone to do things like hanging out at the tropical bar at the beach, and so forth, but once they figured out it was me cursing everyone c:< growing the STs (or transforming them into baby djinnjas), they had me attempt an organization. My enchantment range only works so far, hence trying to be the one in the center, which some others supported. 🥲

Here’s some of the aftermath:

That was the result of most wanting to coordinate having every ST set represented. We did actually manage have every ST and nearly every reskinned counterpart arrive, plus some of the special oversized “normal” skins with the Mistake and Golden Archer sets! We were just not all there at one time, but very close.

It was a lot of fun! Maybe I’ll having something better to show another time. We dissembled after we ran a couple of dungeons as an ST group, then I had to call it a day.


yep, bat is my alts guildy, we were doing exp boosted fungals but some people nexused. they saw the 3 big skins and called a whole discord over :), i wanted the fame and didnt have a st set so i stayed in the chain


i had finished an o3 raid and was in staff lounge with the rl after and he said oh there’s an st party in uss nexus and i was like cool i can bring bard set.

then i was looking at my char list to see if i had a less common one and noticed I had both sorc sets so I switched to sorc





We do a little zoning out


I died pretty much instantly the EXACT same way back in the day! I lost my first maxed character and quit for months





Just leaving kunai on the ground like that? You are a monster.


im not sure if this is sarcasm or not




ok so you get it?


Amazing way to place a fake.

I hate fools prism, but this is awesome.


i’ve been holding on to that fake orange for like a year or something, planning to do exactly this