Post funny moments in-game!


If @InfamousX and @DivineOryx had a child



Keep it there


I think I will


That wasn’t very cash money of you




mini oryx got dat ass


Hey can I show you something

He has a ppe
breaking souls since the 2000’s
An example


They left me behind


It’s cause you’re too slow. Which, as a Rogue, is not just ironic.




@XrusherX that’s pretty gay, cuz i’m a boy


“anek myself when I found out you are a boy”


Image result for triggered feminist


I thought of that meme before I even saw that u included it

Btw, I just did a spanish project on the inquisition, but only like 3 kids in the class understood that joke when I made it



Is this person a Deca employee? How did they know dying Thessal would occur :o


lucky guess i guess


I think it’s a “just in case” moment


Infinite small loop that shakes your screen, second time I see one


Bit of an amusing chat going on.

@MqyMqy @Rdtg edit: nope.

Well I liked the reveal of them being in the same lane (aside from the lanes not even being able to assist because of the one-way destructible walls in para-castle).


think this is just a flex of the sick l00t you got