Post funny moments in-game!


like dblade


This strange man approached me today…

I decided to play along

He goes to get them… I have photo evidence now. Drug dealers even in the Nexus, a “Safe Haven.”

Clear proof the police force isn’t doing enough. They let hooligans like @OhSquirtle get away with distributing drugs

Stay safe out there!


He dies to MBC’s final ring of shots after seeing a white bag anyways


Ok einstein



Not impossible; Inevitable.


“Look. Simba. Everything the light touches is our kingdom.”


enter the bermit
(with a cameo from @BigDaigo and @Unicorn )


Ngl it was oddly satisfying to ep that herm lol


herm tentacles got themselves stuck lol




@Airstrike: Best deal!!! you won’t get such a steal anywhere else!



so far I’ve managed to braindead press play 4 times and get a 10 minute dc every single time xDDD


Was there, can confirm it was cursed.


Coincidentally this isn’t a bad idea, given you can farm Greater Lifes (atleast for people with enough life to not know what to do with)


Dad joke incoming


:o oh no youre ded


wtf is a turret attack


lab turret



Name checks out.


lmao i saw that on squirtle’s stream