Post funny moments in-game!


i’ve never seen the green water before, i assume its when limoz gets killed before nikao and what does it do?


hahaha LOL XD




It slows you down to a speed akin to Pure Evil. It’s otherwise identical.
Combined with Slowed, it can nearly immobilize you, so it’s not any less lethal!




Random bot PMing me to try to get me to RWT:


Yes, I LOVE almost payment methods! They’re all the fun of complete payment methods, without any actual payment!


hELL yeAh, wHeRE dO I SiGn uP!


Evidently at whatever website that was.



Backpedal: complains Rifts: Infestation was too hard

Also Backpedal: Finishes Rifts: Infestation


Oh come on, don’t mock him for the one time he managed to make a point without ignoring half the facts.


But its still funny though.

Backpedal: I quit rifts. proceeds to finish it


Rogue Gang


Haha even the red text fell for Joe




My Oryx pet is protecting his Father


omg what a savage




I was afk there, it looks like its a feature! Pretty cool


looks like a satanic ritual


I was about to say that exact message, word by word.