Post funny moments in-game!


Hello Ecookied, person who is currently playing the Flash game called Realm of The Mad God, I have come to inform you that the amount of skill you possess in the game known as Realm of the Mad God is of an expertise level. I am wondering if you would be able to acquire me some equipment for my character due to your expertise.


Had a guy in a cem ask if I had spare ninja gear. Why would I carry more than I need? That’s a waste of space.



I’m not sure if this is funny(the reskin of the event crystal worm father), but here you go:


its ugly



@lily Stop trying to get me to cheat on my wife, you black widow!


Honey, why would such a message make you believe that I am trying to get you to cheat on your wife?
Unless… you secretly hold feelings towards me and my message made you want to cheat on your wife?

(also, anime body pillows don’t have feelings. feel free to cheat on it as much as you want! <3 )


Okay I think Wilhuff is going to ask his wife to curse you


No, we’re just snarking.


I think that was a joke.


Yes, I’m just clarifying in case.


cRy sEtPiEcE


Oh sheit i was going to post that


I… am… hidden. Hiiiiidddddeeeeeennnn.




0/10 dragon gave it away


smh will release immediately



Distant relative?


My long-lost twin.

Sam is the inferior twin, ofc.


Rip server