Post funny moments in-game!


Only number I know because of how your supposed to say it.
Jk its Baguette


Baguette out of here


That reminds me of a famous director and actor, Tommie Oiseuax. From la Salle.


Des oiseaux.

Un, Deux, Trois, Quatre, Cinq, Six, Sept, Huit, Neuf, Dix.

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Fool Demonseye, Im pretty sure all of them are baguette


You would do well to educate yourself on the French language for you forgot croissant.


The one popping up “chocolatine” (if you’re not french you can’t understand) gets a

a very powerful attack



Just chilling with Ghost Daichi


When’s the rest of that dungeon getting released, anyhow?




What will it be called? I think I saw a WIP called the moonlight temple that was intended as a sequel but idk if that’s the one they’re using






Dead meme.


Yes they are quite a long-time EU-side player, have bumped into them myself over the years and my guildies have made similar jokes.


someone asked to see he’s loots, this happened


looks more of an anime confrontation than anything with those dank glows


It’s their Stand glow.


T-The corona virus… he’s right there ! Run and spam your puris !


As if this community wasn’t toxic enough without communicable diseases added to the mix.