Post funny moments in-game!


Stand user: Wilhuff

Stand user: qt
Stand name: 「BOOGA AWOOGA」


Stand user: Yesbutno
Stand Name: Sexy Enchantress Wife

Stand User: InfamousX
Stand Name: …


you’re doing it all wrong, a stand is sort of a holographic projection of yourself with special powers, it’s not what you are

this is correct:
Stand user: YesButNo
Stand name: 「BEATO ZA MEATO」

Stand user: InfamousX




Aww thats cute


Legitimately thought “wood pls” was a reference to AoE. Didn’t get it til i saw the knight.


30 ppl dc’d when the area around davy turned into solid water


Imagine getting a legit juggmur tho


Imagine getting a juggmur of the vile spirt :wink:


Puts Juggmur on GROWTH SPURT!!


I have as many questions as you


top 10 cursed images


Did you login on another profile or something before lol


Nice set, but I have only one question: of all your options, why are you using the 45° camera orientation?


Before when I was a noob and didn’t screen rotate, that was preferable to 0 degrees. Why? Idk just felt better. I’d say probably the same reason for him


not op but ok


op as in original poster


I don’t like screen rotation so I just keep the camera at the default 45 degree angle, just what ive always used


I understand. Back when I was but a wee little Fishlet, I too quite enjoyed using that angle.

I was mostly trying to come up with a question that addressed something other than the obvious in that photo, and that was what I came up with.


Don’t forget the item tier labels! Untick that option for PAE (pro account experience)! And the obscene amount of account fame!!

Wait hangon,

75 stars and yellow? I smell Testing!