Post funny moments in-game!


Well I’ll tell you. What he said was much worse than that, just for me saying recomposes wasn’t the top wand.






Nah. Still just as funny.



Orange star bots now…


Been like that for a while.


lego ninjago?



yes. yes you are.


“Closer, little ones! We may absorb as one!”
bonus if you realise which enemy has that line


Prismimic. i mean it was a recent event

Where’s my $69 for getting that right? I want my bonus.


unknown-4 unknown-8 unknown-9
@Drago <3


I don’t actually know how to rush abyss. I don’t know how to rush ocean trench, tomb, halls, shatters. I am a noob.


I can rush an MT but not an abby~


I can rush anything.

If I just could find my blue ring of minor defence…


OP fame farm start - Get silex to spawn 30 spooky bois and hope for the best


I spent a good 7 minutes or so trying to find this stupid image again, but finally:

Also lmao I had to halve its size cause it was like 2k by 2k pixels for some reason



Maybe warn us next time :joy: That Urgle almost killed me xD

thank you for the life pot


Where’s the fun in that?



??? whattt?