Post funny moments in-game!




He edited it to show wilhuff what could happen if GMs just spawned stuff without warning, and that would be the death of one of his archers after he completes another alien set AND gets a QoT after lots of grinding


For the record I already have multiple spare alien sets.


Same! I find it annoying that other players judge your skill level in this game just by your ability to rush things. I hate rushing.


I play ranged classes. No balls.

Actually, that’s because i need to have my 5 star on Wizard, Assassin, Rogue and Trickster.




white star time?


Accidentally typed his name with an “s” at the end.

Thank you, MrEyeballs. Your wisdom is appreciated.


I am very confuse


I typed MrEyeballs instead of MrEyeball.
The player with the “MrEyeballs” name probably inserted a code so that anyone who mistyped MrEyeball’s name would receive the message.

I’m surprised no one knew about this.


Level 20 peepee licker?


also, nice roll


It’s not my actual roll.

If you say “/tell MrEyeballs stats”, no matter what your roll is, it’ll say -55 HP, -47 MP, etc.


ignore the bots


Makes a mockery of the star filter. Woeful that staff can’t make the time to log on and permaban those high star spam accounts.
(& why I thought the star filter was a bad/lazy answer in the first place, silencing legitimate new players yet not even silencing all the spam)


12345 :clown_face:



Marks have gone up considerably in price thanks to all you mark hoarders out there!


Armies of Booties:



For those who don't get it


4 days late but Drago managed to use the wrong you’re every single time. My brain hurts.