Post funny moments in-game!


There are Scrubs, and then there are Zesty Scrubs. I am the latter, it seems.

Quick note:

I went to ZestyScrub’s realmeye, and the account was first seen yesterday, which is when this screenshot was taken. I feel like there’s a connection here. Though @Pegasusy was named Phatbees, which was made years ago.


I don’t get the joke


It’s a Unity glitch; the name that appears over my inventory in the screenshot is not my account name.

The game believes that I am a Zesty Scrub.


So Backpack trades will be a thing in the future?

Would be great to be able to afford STs and ubhps without and unreasonable amount of greater life again.


An easy way to deposit 16 rusty katanas to my favourite YouTubers 8)




Commander Calbrik got bored of playing UFO class? Or maybe ditched his fame UFO to feed his pet.




Two bros, sitting in a hot tub, five feet apart cuz they’re not gay


Six feet apart because social distancing.


I like to think he took his daddy’s lamborghini ufo for a joyride…


didn’t get the orb but no time was wasted



He didn’t succeed.


saw this in chat and immediately remembered this meme






I mean there IS a tv show~


Every iteration of Ra’s Al Ghul regardless of what media form involve the Lazarus pits.

The General Chat Thread

You: So you’re named after a comics charater and you don’t read comics
Him: I don’t read comics nerd
Conclusion: He thinks you’re a nerd for reading comics and not watching TV series (probably)
2nd Conclusion: You’re a nerd


3rd conclusion: you have no idea what you’re talking about and you’re way over your head.

I literally just said ALL iterations of the character, regardless of media form (which would include TV shows and comics) would involve the lazarus pits, which is what i asked him. And the guy immediately assumed that’s from the comics so therefore he doesn’t watch a show featuring the character either.

And also Ra’s Al Ghul would be classified as a comics character first and foremost, as that is where the character was first introduced. Thus, I am absolutely correct in pointing out the player is named after a comics character. Any tv appearances of the character is what we call an ‘adaptation’.