Post funny moments in-game!


Whenever I hear the shop do that chat line:

Edit: arg broken embeds I should report that on #feedback. Done: YouTube embeds failing to work


@ryanyoon Found your cooler doppelganger.



OMG! 1 8/8 character and 17 whites! A MUST HAVE deal!



Triggered fish noises.


Me, rubberbanding all over the place in AsiaEast because all the EU servers are full:


This one’s not a furry



Me- goes into snake pit I found

Red star- enters after me and says above

Are you that fucking entitled that you expect me to call every dungeon I find?


Yoo knight with too much def


I was gonna complain that you could improve on this knight’s defense when I eventually noticed you had two armours.

…speaking of, how? :sweat_smile:


Hehe, my secrets


After a day of tombin’ with MAFIA, I managed to get this!



White star bot that popped up in a realm, said this message and immediately left. Originally thought it was a joke, but their name seems too jumbled to be an actual player and their realmeye tells an entirely different story:





when pcave is full :rofl:



Was really hoping to tp to that




he had a mercy in inv too


The new version beer god are no joke and very dangerous, I hope someone can update about him on realmwiki


mad lad