Post funny moments in-game!


a lil’ context, LolitoLoli here is an unmaxed ninja rushing an abby…



Drug dealing in rotmg.


I would’ve taken that :frowning:




tbh we can all relate to that…


I remember that when I played rotmg for the first time, I thought that “ty” was a person. I kept seeing people saying “Ty!” in chat, and I thought they were calling their buddy, named “Ty”, to come over. My brother explained to me later that “ty” means “thank you”.


I thought when I first started playing that “cry” was what you typed in chat when you don’t get loot. I said “cry” a lot as a blue star knight trying to get loot at an event god…

srry to all those who tped to me in my early days of realm…


A dude who does not know RotMG slang…

Abby is Abyss of Demons.


not so funny, but gotta say, lag almost killed me, presing R like a champ, almost closed notebook to make sure my trickster was safe


Not to mention that T6 Prism and Pyra saved your Trickster. A real close call.

One time I was soloing Manor as a fresh Knight (T9 Sword, T4 Shield, Abyssal Armor that a dude randomly gave me (even though I was supposed to wear Deso) and Para HP) and tacking Coffin Creatures and then… lost all but 3 HP before I nexused.


havent even thought of that, but yes, you are correct :sweat_smile:


W…why do you

  1. have two Ghostly Prisms,
  2. have them not occupy a quick-swap spot in like your third slot???


those are fair two good questions:

  1. I’m out of vault space, have to select what to save for another char, and what to risk (was thinking about feeding it, as it has good fpower – same goes for that murky);
  2. never have thought on that, somehow I usually think that third slot should be for armor, and fourth for ring;

yes, I’m dumb :persevere:






There goes the thicket skull and an ST robe…


Well, they did not die as a level 4 necro, so they followed instructions perfectly.




Looks like he played it not so cool


Alas, poor Orbed.


I associate with weirdos like him.