Post funny moments in-game!


all of that post was on testing yeah lmao


How though?


they just exist, I don’t know how they got there but they did


Imagine st Abraham’s wand on a knight :-:


Back when Battlemage and Bard and Summoner were still being tested, instead of getting their own character spot, they replaced 3 of the 15 classes which were unplayable during that PT, afterwards however, they reverted back to the old classes still holding their gear


oh yeah


yes. thank you.



No screenshot because this was a long time ago, but I saw this dude in nexus named “Cornchipss”. I thought this was pretty funny, he seemed sad to see the person who took his name first looool.


Imagine playing on unity




Realmeye says he was last on seven years ago. That’s some memory you got there >-<



Cem is now the hardest dungeon to rush confirmed.


Looks like Oryx got a new Skull Shrine.

Cool Shrine you got there, Oryx. Haha, I’m so funny. VSRsIdP


Mystic…but with bow and quiver.


thanks deca, when I type /server i definitely just wanted to know that I’m in the nexus, super helpful thanks for fixing that useless command!1!!


You can use /tell mreyeball server instead. A bit more of a hassle, but it works. Got it off a forum post somewhere here, but I’m too lazy to find it.


Why allow me to help with that! :sunglasses: It’s: How to tell what server you are on, use MrEyeball


thanks didn’t know that.

(still doesn’t excuse them removing one of the most useful commands but thanks anyways.)


Yeah very annoying… it’s got a bug report topic too: /server, hopefully Deca will repair this goof.


Is it just me, or have recent updates messed up more things than usual? There’s been /server, bullet patterns are weird, etc.