Post funny moments in-game!


Quirky. @FrankooRot @EvilEggnog


We heard about left walls and right walls. But what about Middle walls?


Other people-
omg ppe luck insert 10 white bag pics here
My ppe-


immediately after making this post i got ichimonji, dragonscale armor, and an extreme prejudice.

rngjesus has a sense of humor.


Bro that’s a hot gold set


I can improve on that “maze” :laughing: :


2 year throwback



Bots be selling non-realm related items now.

Actually looked up the ebay link; here is the product description


That’s so badly done


What do you mean badly? It’s beautiful.



Guildie got this

Nice, I didn’t know pet skins now do stasis… Now I’d really like my own Se�or Pet Skin


Thought I should split them so I don’t clutter things up.

The interesting RotMG community.

How does the sun god feel about the invasion of the Tomb? :arrow_down:

Me and my lovely guildmates.

Me and the boys during the Bard release. :arrow_down:

Starmanfan finds joy in bullying those with orange stars.

Click the image below for the entire thing. :arrow_down:

Fun times in a Woodland Labyrinth.

Oh? You can drag the boss? Never knew that.

This is cool and all, guys, but maybe it isn’t such a good idea.


Well we’re screwed, aren’t we?

An interesting discussion on Thessal.

Huh. We’re a mature bunch.

Bruce Wayne dies.

Bullying Guill.

We used the “Follow” command to see if Guill could get inside the secret room. Apparently he can’t. So we ended up calling him fat with “big PP” instead. We’re nice that way.

If he’s our guild manager, can he technically kick us? :thinking:


You can tell him “jump” and he will jump woah

When he’s in the middle of the secret room tell him “dance” :smirk:




@GammaGamer You can use that to kill guill (I think we did that already didnt we) if everyone is paused, and since he jumps to you you can use that to take him to the secret room


Lord Doku has finally found his Ken.


No he hasn’t
He has no Ken
He is Doku but no Ken


ez nest




noo not nosepain xD