Post funny moments in-game!


When someone dies in a dungeon and you press F instead of typing it







This sent my spooked-out levels to :arrow_double_up: maximum:


Me and @OoYAHYAoO were talking about how this one Locker key was “cursed” because he missed it being opened, and I nexused flashing from it when Davy ran around the top table while I was standing there chatting about the key being cursed, (like, how rare does Davy even go to the top table?). Then some big lagspike halfway thru the Castle, then the above chat and death. Well anyway, had to go for a lie down after this. :hot_face:


Instant karma


Shevahn died at level 20, killed by Snake.


I have no relations with gravel

Totally not a robot. Beep Boop.
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I am definitely a human.



Huh. 7th one I’ve seen.


Innocent Bum


Here are some funny moments couple months back.

When Deca have gr8 spelling skill:

Trading hits the stonks market.

But they are stacked each other!


Backstory: A week ago or so, me and some of my guildies (Nmiller was one of them) cleared an empty realm for a private Castle. Around one minute after the realm closed, Nmiller called a Forbidden Jungle as a joke. Being the reckless idiot and memer that I am, I teleported and went in. As expected, I missed Oryx. I was actually pretty close, but I was just late, and ended up disconnecting through the Realm Portal.

Anyways, we tried another private Oryx (a red star rando was there too, but who cares).


Came online mid-halls?


For a moment there, I thought that you meant that you loaded into the game and immediately found yourself in the middle of an mbc fight.


Haha funny number


I just realised flash>unity actually


Known that since day 1




My eyes :eyes: :face_vomiting:


could be me :smiley: