Post funny moments in-game!


I have Deca if you want. 2 Lives or GLife is fine.

Here is my HP ring pricing: I am selling them by logical tier progression. It does not make sense for UBHP worth 8 Lives while Exa is 1 Life.

Para HP: 1 Def/Vit/ATT, 2 SPD/WIS/DEX

Exa HP: 2 Def/Vit/ATT, 4 SPD/WIS/DEX, 1 Mana

UBHP: 4 Def/Vit/ATT, 8 SPD/WIS/DEX, 2 Mana, 1 Life

Deca: 8Def/Vit/ATT, 16 SPD/WIS/DEX, 4 Mana, 2 Lives.


No. That’s not how you change prices for an item. Also, the hp ring progression is not logical because the drop rates and drop tables are not the same for every hp ring. Well you can try selling these, but you’ll get out of stock extremely quick. People won’t be like “oh my god someone is selling decas for two lifes why is no one buying mine fine i will lower my prices”.


Aight I’m buying a few decas/ubhps off of you then some time. I really hope I see you in game today…


I don’t mind because I don’t like HP rings anyways.


u got more decas/ubhps?
got 3 life :point_right::point_left:


2 more Decas

Edit: Sold out.


A bit better overpay for a Life.

And behold, the most i̶d̶i̶o̶t̶i̶c̶ godlike overpay that have been done in RotMG history.


Now with the video.


Welp, looks like someone broke my record… Megastonks.



I’m puzzled…




Old screenshot there? :thinking:

Welcome to the forums, by the way!


Yes, from years ago.



Dammit, almost far enough to just drill right through the Entity!


He got what he had coming to him…a well-deserved fate.


We were chaining cems and pumpkin master popped up after skuld, MudpupMK here was very bamboozled by the experience.


Is this some MrBeast video that I missed out on?